Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheeky Monkey ~ II

Here is round 2 ! Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics has got to be the biggest "buzz" right now on the blog-block....I am so glad I had the chance to give a little to this cause! And Andrea, how smart are you to send different polishes to different bloggers!
It's nice to see everyone swatching a different color and to see how the reactions play out.

I wanted to show you this fabbo packaging. Usually when I get polish, (or anything else in the mail) it comes in a boring brown box, inside a brown box, usually surrounded by those damn, stick to everything, go everywhere peanuts. I HATE THEM!!!! LOL! But this, however, came out of the box looking like a big-ol' party, birthday present. I think this is how we should all treat our customers. It almost reminds me of a Barbie I saw recently wearing a B&W polka dot dress with a hot pink belt! And that's what makes this so funny , and great at the same time. From the outside we look just like that put-together Barbie in the perfect plastic box, but open us up and there might be a deep, dark (heaven forbid) FUNNY secret hiding inside....... *Dr. Evil laugh*

Andrea wrote me a nice note inside the bag that mentioned how we need to not take ourselves so seriously - we have so much crap heaped on us (my words, not hers LOL) as mothers, wives, students, daughters, workers, etc....that we need to remember that FUN and FUNNY part of being ourselves! Great lesson from a great polish!!! WHO KNEW!

Every one of the polishes came with a little black card with a great saying - meant to be funny, but at the same time, so true! Have a gander at the picture to get the gist....

Here are my last 2 swatches:

"Pop My Cherry"

OMG...."Pop My Cherry" has got to be the hottest red-jelly on the market! It applied like a dream, seen as 3 coats. Yeah, there is a little VNL, but who cares, this color is so deep and bright. I caught myself just staring at it

I never thought i could wear reds, ever, because I am so fair-skinned......I am glad I was wrong! Here's another view - full sun, BABY!

Last, but not least :

"Social Climber"

OK, again, I thought I could NEVER wear know. This brown is a kick a$$ creme - and this is ONE coat. Yes, one.
It's like I crashed a wedding and dipped my fingers in the (stupid) chocolate fountain.
The one thing I did learn is not to wear a funked-out psychedelic tie-dyed t-shirt when you are taking a picture of a creme polish that is so shiny! (look closely - you can see me on every nail!)
"What can brown do for me"??? Anything it wants, as long as it looks this good!

So on to the business.....Cheeky Monkey polishes are all Big 3 Free and are available for $15 on their website. These swatches were all made using CM Base Coat - "Make Me Wet" and topped with "I Like it on Top". These products were sent to me in return for an honest review.


  1. I love the purple in Social Climber...that's a true chocolate color. Beautiful. Can't Wait for my package to get here!!!!

  2. Very nice!
    At the risk of sounding like a noob, what does VML mean?

  3. It looks like I can't spell....what I said before is

    "VNL" stands for visible nail line - I think.....
    I am kinda' a noob, too.....


  4. Awesome :) I hate packing peanuts too.Environmentally friendly my eyeball!

  5. That brown is fantastic...In one coat :-0

  6. I'm meh on the brown, just because I have a hard time finding browns that work for me but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Pop My Cherry.

  7. Lol, the packaging and names are cracking me up. I love stuff like this! Thanks for the post. Would've never found these otherwise.