Saturday, March 15, 2008

UGH, no not my favorite Boots......

Well, the Mountaineers lost to Georgetown (SHOCKER) last night 72-55. After handing Connecticut a loss, I thought for sure that we could take the Hoyas. Oh,'s just a game, at least that's what the Commish told me.....

Here's what killed us.....

But, through all the BBall madness, I did get to a little shamrock love. I decided to make these little pins for each kid in roo's Kindergarten class. Fridgie pattern turned pin pattern. I know, I know - "that's sooooo 70's", but the kids love them.

Here's where I found it......


I woke up this morning to the roo watching the Spiderman trilogy - in order, of course. As we were watching #2, Doc Ock and Spidey are in the final scene debating how to shut down the machine, laser beams are firing all around, and my roo said: "Mommy. if you shoot laser beams in water, they will malfunction". HE'S 6!!!!

This from the kid who also wants me to get the "green bags" on TV to cut down on the ephamine gas....he's close.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


MOUNTAINEERS! The Commish and I just watched the WVU-Providence Big East Tourney game. We won 58-53, it came right down to the wire.......Kudos to Joe Alexander!

Here's my favorite Huggs funny....lmao!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coach is Love

Let me preface this by saying I love everything that is Coach - and these boots are no different. The Commish bought me these in Pittsburgh before Christmas (that's the way we shop for each other these days.....Like it? Merry Christmas). So I have been wearing them for a few months now (never in bad weather ha ha ha), and I thought to myself - "self, those boots need a friend" - so, here is it. A beautiful scarf to wear. Boots are happy -

Not to mention, it was a blast going to AC Moore looking for the colors to match. The gal at the checkout looked at me like I was crazy. Just a touch. But, it was my first attempt at Tunisian/Afghan stitch. I should have taken pictures of the couch during the WIP, because it was a haven for mismatched colors and bits of yarn galore. I changed colors every three rows, and it bacame quite comical as it began to take on a life of its own. It took me a lot more time than I expected - EVERYTHING always does, but my effort paid off, I think.....

Now, where to put all the left over Vanna and Red Heart. A friend of mine asked once: "Are you going to do something with all that yarn, or are you just decorating with it?" Trivial.

So, this clothespin saga continues. I was informed by the roo that last week everyone lost their green pin and got a yellow one. Behold! The bearer of the yellow clothespin. Luckily, they were all returned in great shape, and none were harmed in the making of this face:

Monday, March 3, 2008

I made it....

to the massive world of blogging - more than just, well, just. I am now going to share my innermost thoughts with millions - comforting, I know. HA.

I am so addicted to music and yarn/crocheting. I have more yarn than any one person should, but I could think of much worse things.

This is my boy - to be called "the roo"

This is the love of my earthly life - to be called "commissioner".

The roo is in Kindergarten, and along with that comes all the joys of being 6 - snot, sneezing, green clothespins....(used to reward good behavior in class - heaven forbid that you receive a yellow, red, or the cursed BLACK....). His life revolves around what color the plastic indicator is - every day when I pick him up, he immediately gives me the scoop on the status of his "pins".

And, what was for lunch. Ask him what he did in school; "nothing" is the norm. Now, that can't actually be true - nothing????? Well, guess there is always the clothespin.

I get a kick out of what importance is given to dollar store plastic creations. AHHH to have such little to worry over. Thanks for letting me in on your little secret, roo.....