Saturday, January 22, 2011

A sneak peak

at me ~ first thing in the morning... wink, wink (Landa!) Check out those roots! YUCK!

Sitting at my "nail table" in our master bath...this was here MANY years before I moved in. When I asked the Commish "why would you put black, scientific lab countertops in a bathroom"? he responded, "because I knew you would be here someday"....ok, sweetness overload. (he really did say that).

The coolest thing about this little table is that you can clean it with pure acetone! It is made for chemistry labs and can withstand nearly every chemical known to man. So for nails, it is perfect.

So here is my short, Saturday morning post.
...and the iris stained glass window over our tub.....just because it's pretty in the morning light.

~Be Pawlished!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

RBL and the Queen Part 2

I got nail mail!!!!!

RBL, please give me your hand, we need to go somewhere and talk.....

After the little disappointment of "what's her name", this is what I always thought an $18 bottle of love, I mean polish, should look like.

Anne Boleyn was the 2nd wife of Henry VIII and was thought to be a "witchy woman". Whew, is this polish magical.

Here is your history lesson for the day.

Here is the description of ANNE on the RBL website. Olive with little pinky/purply iridescent majesty, I am thrilled to death (pun intended!) and have just lost my head (again!) over this gorgeous polish.

~Be Pawlished!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RBL and the Queen Part 1

(hi! from Gigi)

Take a look at Jane. Isn't she lovely?

However, once she is released from her glass entrapment, there is little to no shimmery goodness, which makes me sad.

This is the first RBL I ever applied and the process was pretty good. It was creamy, a bit like the American Apparel brand of polish.

I do believe that RBL has a GREAT idea with the "Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty" and I purchased all four of them. I have always been enamored with this period in history, so I had to spend the bucks ($18 each). Please don't be disappointed with me, RBL ~ but it was not as sparkle-riffic as her bottle showed.

I just wish Jane (Henry's favorite wife) would have been my favorite polish....Oh, I guess, OFF with this polish! LOL.

The Mani:
I will tell you that after the stamping and dotting, I liked it a little better.

BM plate with Special Polish in Black and dots for a french effect with CG "Millennium", and WnW Crystallic in "Heavy Metal".

~Be Pawlished!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Game Day in 3D

Game Day Nails 2011 Edition!

And a review....of the 3D molds....can I just say I LOVE THEM....more in a minute.

For starters, I used Color Club "Stuck on You" base-coat....can I say WOW! This is by far the best base I have ever reminds me of "Get Wet" by Cheeky Monkey (which I have used all of) - slightly sticky, VERY quick drying, and the staying power of an unwanted house guest.

2 coats of Milani "lemongello" (too funny) , Sally Hansen "Blue It" for the stripe and dots. The white dots are Orly "White Out" and of course, a dotting tool.

I have been reading about these 3D molds and really like the idea. I know, it's almost like cheating on nail art...I have tried to sculpt with acrylic many times but I don't like how (even on top of my several layers of polish) the acrylic always leaves a little spot on my natural nail where it adheres, even when I soak them off. These little molded letters and flowers are already dry when you apply them, so it is no different than rhinestones or stickers.

I used IBD acrylic in "Bright White" for the letters.

This little pink flower was made with colored acrylic powder. I think it's darling.

I used Seche to stick them on and top coated them with the same.


OK-I am back. LOL

I purchased these molds on for $11.20 each. They are a little pricey, but well worth it.

I will probably get a few more. BTW, I contacted this company (no bad press, please!) about a year ago to review their product...I never heard back from them, so I just went ahead and bought them myself to review. I am so glad I did!

~Be Pawlished!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I learned from 2010!

While this is the 2nd week of January, I still have people asking me "what was your New Year's Resolution"? Well, those of you know me know that I don't make them anymore. I have no problem with people who make them, but for me, they are just a reminder of how human I am.

Have you ever made a resolution and not followed through with commitment or (need I say) failed? How does that make you feel? I am guessing, terrible. So it is not only the fear of failure that we all share, but how it impacts our life, thoughts and daily goings on. I for one, do not wish to fail so I don't make unrealistic promises to myself.

Do I need to lose 20 lbs.? sure do.

Do I need to not buy books and not read them? sure thing.

Do I need to not buy SO MUCH nail polish? yeah, right.

These to me, are not the type of things we need to put upon ourselves as a NY Resolution.

What then?

Maybe to be more forgiving or understanding?
Promise to learn from others even if they have different views than you?
To be kinder to your close friends or family?
Be a better mom?

These are what I would call "resolutions" ~ of character. We can all drop a few lbs. or read more books....but what does that truly change? Maybe a dress size.... (not a bad thing), but that cannot change how others view you as a person or how you view your inner self.

So with this, I resolve to not make a resolution like everyone else. I reject the thought of failure. The inherent feeling of making a promise I most likely will not keep is banished from 2011!

This blog may take a few new steps this is not meant to offend or anger, but sometimes I like to put away my polish and paint ideas. TM of sorts.

And to my new, dear friends from the blog world, a great year to you....I love every one of you!

~Be Pawlished!


Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Purple Peacock. I am attributing the longevity of this mani to Color Club "Stuck on You" base coat. I have been using it for a month or so, and I swear, my manis are lasting a week or more....(essence polishes are quite long wearing, also. Colour & Go line, not so much)

Case in point. (the PP was done Monday evening. THIS is Sunday's pic ~ as in I just took it moments ago.....)

so, the quality of the picture isn't great, but you can see that there is little to no tip wear after 6 days. I have not touched/retouched/painted/tipped them since Monday evening.

I am still using Seche as my top coat, although I am going to be trying out some new brands.

~Be Pawlished!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome Gigi! (puppy spam-a-lam)


If you all are on facebook, you have had an overload of this cuteness...but I wanted to add my Gigi puppy to the blog world. So ~ here she is! "Brigitte Remington's Oui Bit of Rye".... er, Gigi.

She was born on August 2nd, 2010 and came to live with us on October 22nd. Having a French Bulldog has always been a little dream of mine, and it finally happened! Hope you enjoy watching her grow along with me. I'll post more later. *woof*

brand new.....
Just a few days old....

The prettiest Laker girl.

MY Chewy Vuitton purse!

Chewing and chewing and chewing....little angel.

So, this is just the beginning....She has changed so much, but is the sweetest little pup.

staying warm in my hoodie!

~Be "Pawlished"!

Tiffani & Gigi

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday's Mani

yes, from Tuesday. I love feathers. I love Peacocks. I love purple. I love my blog. (although lately, I am sure it feels neglected ~ as do you, my lovely readers).

Here we go:

L to R. China Glaze "2030", essence "my little orchid", Kleancolor "Jazz Olive", China Glaze "Emotion" and the Rite-Aid Snowman in blue glitter.

Thumb detail of the peacock.

Little jewels.

So that is the Purple Peacock..........hope you enjoyed.

~Be Polished!