Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on NYX

Well, my last mani, aptly named the "Moonie", was not cooperating after hours of dry time....we stayed up last night and watched "Guys and Dolls" from 1955 *uhhhhh, Brando and Sinatra hotness* and it wasn't over until after midnight.

Can you believe when I woke up this morning, there were sheet marks on my nails.....12 HOURS LATER!!!!!

Ah, but sweet redemption was upon me - before going to the game, I added a coat of Seche, and viola; the bumps, the dents, the 600 count sheet marks, the EVERYTHING was gone. Not a bump, lump or cotton ball remnant in sight, and the shine on this was freaking awesome. I got many compliments while at the Coliseum....

Just wanted everybody to know.

Be Polished!


Friday, February 26, 2010

I caved - CRAZY GAME DAY NAILS (moonie)

So everybody has been blogging about an trying out this "new" nail phenomenon going on since NYFW....I never "swore" I wouldn't do it, so I guess, technically, I didn't cave...BUT - I am going to use it as Saturday's CRAZY GAME DAY NAILS. I know the model shows black and gold, but WVU colors are blue and gold, and I quite like this combo!

This was much easier than I thought; I did it free-hand. It's not perfect, but,really, what ever is?? (oh, deep thoughts) I sorta like it without the matte - maybe I'll add that before the game....maybe not. I probably will add a coat of Seche tomorrow for a bit more shine and durability. So here goes:

1. 2 coats DC Super Base.
2. Orly Luxe close to cuticles, about half way to the tips.
3. 2 coats NYX Titanic mid to tip.
4. 2 coats Cheeky Monkey I Like it on Top.

I absolutely LOVE the Orly foils, I have this and Rage (copper)...They apply very well, coverage is nice. If you don't have these, yet, get them....they are fab! (as soon as Lent is over, I'll have to get the silver....LOL)

The NYX, however, even this late (I did this mani at noon - now it's 7:30 pm) is still kind of "denty" and shows EVERY bump/cotton ball thread/ridge/etc. on my nail...not to say I wouldn't use it again, just wanted to warn anyone who might use it. The blue is very deep and pretty.

So here's to trying what I am going to call my "Moonie Mani"...and I like it so much, I'll probably do it in a ton of color combinations....

Be Polished!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

I believe in Yesterday....

1. DC Super Base
2. 1 coat SH Insta-Dri Petal Pusher.
3. 1 coat CG Visit Me in Prism.
4. Tips - DC Chainmail Charm
5. 1 coat DC Super Dry.

6. Black and White Art/Deco stripes.
7. Konad m5 and fauxnad H23 in Special white.
8. Seche

And it is SO hard to capture holo with no sun, I did my best...hope you can use your imagination!
I like this little mani...

Monday, February 22, 2010

KOTD x 2

Well, it has been 2 days and 2 more KsOTD

Last night The Commish and I went to BW3 for some food (and drink!) and I wore a really cool orange and white tie-dye CK t-shirt with a Mossimo creme and grey hoodie.....So for the evening, I did this:

1. DC Super Base
2. 2 coats Zoya Laney.
3. Jessica Lucy on tips.
4. Butterflies and flowers from too many plates, Konad and fauxnad.
5. Konad Special Polish black and white.
6. Seche

This Zoya, in the bottle, has some pretty turquoise/green shimmer, but on the nail, not so much...Lucy is a beautiful vibrant orange and I can just hear her laughing or crying....

Today I switched gears....I started with 2 coats of BB Couture Bassins Bleu. I love this color - spring and summer together!

Then the Konad:

1. m 65 using CG Emotion, which stamps very well.
2. Randomly placed large, iridescent hex glitters from CinaPro.
3. Coat Seche.

On a rainy, dreary day like this I wanted to use green and pink.

Be Polished!


MORE Giveaways!

Here are a few more giveaways, baby!

1. Romika's Nails is celebrating 100(+) followers, congratulations!!!
2. Neglelakkmani is having a "little" giveaway -really? Little?
3. Nouveau Cheap - celebrating ONE YEAR of helping us all save some $$$$$$!
4. The Chain Nail - way to go!!! 50+ followers, and having a giveaway!
5. painted Lady fingers - giving away awesome ManGlaze....OH, what I wouldn't give to put this on The Commish's fingers! WOOT!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crazy GAME DAY nails, SEARS and Giveaways!

A little bit of randomness coming your way compliments of a few blogs I frequent, SEARS and WVU BBall....(and a little leftover V-Day and past NsOTD). Ah, where to begin:

1. Yesterday was WVU BBall game against Seton Hall....Here are my Crazy GAME DAY nails!

Maybe not as crazy as some, but I didn't have a lot of time the night before to get them done.

1. DC Super base
2. 2 Coats of Milani Holo 3D (wish there would have been more sun for this photo)
3. Coat of DC Super Dry before art....I wasn't sure if I was going to use Konad.
4. SH Insta-Dri, Blazing Blue for the angled tips and dots - I used a dotting tool.
5. Coat Seche.

Next is a teeny-weeny little rant. Check the pics:

Oh, now what could be wrong with these two pictures of great mail-haul polishes? OK, first of all, I ordered 3 Milanis - the blue never showed up (they sent an email apologizing) and for my trouble, they waived the shipping on this order. (so far, so good, eh?!?)....The issue is that this order came in two separate shipments - in TWO separate size 20 boxes; that's big enough for a bed pillow........AND - the two Milanis were not even wrapped, protected OR boxed. So, when I got them they were rattling around loose in that HUGE box along with the packing slip.......that was a broken bottle waiting to happen. Luckily they were safe, but shame on you, SEARS....what a waste of postage and boxes.
(I also would like to apologize for the dead ladybugs in the background of those photos.....)

Here are a couple of old NOTD to help you relax from the above story! LOL!

What I really wore on Valentines Day. Pink and Vampy....I only bought this polish for the name - The Commish often calls me his "Trophy Wife". I tipped in Art/Deco, and man was it shiny - almost as much as Liquid Leather!

Diamond Cosmetics Midnight Passion and some fauxnad....tipped with Art Club Steele and added little silver dittys, also Art Club. This one lasted all of about 12 hours - I had to get ready for the game.

And for a Giveaway roundup!

1. Lacquerized is having an awesome H&M giveaway celebrating 250 !!!!
2. Nooberellas is having a giveaway for reaching 100!!!
3. Rock 'n' Nails is having the coolest giveaway-swap thing......very cool!
4. Makeup by Celly is also giving away some cool stuff - be creative!
5. Concrete and Nail Polish is giving in honor of their followers!

There are a ton of giveaways right now - I'll edit as I stumble upon them....

Be Polished!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics' New Spring 2010 Collection!

Here is part two of Diamond Cosmetics 2010 Spring Collection! WOW-WEE, am I glad I waited until the "big ball of fire in the sky" showed her face today! There would have been no describing the depth of color using only my studio lights! These pinks will blow your mind!

#350 Razzmatazz:

"Barbie" pink meets Electric Light Orchestra! This color has blues and purples screaming through it......The release says "dainty pink", and yes, it is, until you take it outside! The formula was easy to apply, nicely covering in 2 coats. I also used a top coat just to pop the hues a little. Thank you, Mr. Golden Sun, for peeking out today so I could capture this beauty! Here's a close-up of my thumb.

#347 Gypsy Pink:

If the first pink didn't grab your attention, this one surely will. It is definitely a red-pink with lots of white and pink shimmer. This will be one of my faves for the summer into fall! I took these pictures in full sun but at different angles. Application was usual, but did take 3 full coats to cover most of the VNL. I didn't mind one bit waiting for this jewel to dry.....I knew it would be worth it!

Lastly, #348 Hot Lips:

Neon Magenta - nothing less! Looking a little more pink in the bottle than on my tips, this color is spot on for Spring! Again, it took 3 coats for great coverage, and like all neons, dries slightly satin. I didn't use a top coat here, because I kinda' like the matte-ish look.

One full sun shot, one shade shot, the latter really showing the difference between the bottle color and applied color. It was much easier to apply than Orange Blush, although it was very jelly-like.

Diamond Cosmetics has hit a home run with this Spring Collection! Thank you for the opportunity to review this product, and if you are reading this and wondering if you should get this collection, please don't hesitate. These little beauts retail for $2.25 (yes, you read that right) and will be available at very soon!

Be Polished!


*These polishes were sent to me by Diamond Cosmetics in return for an honest review.


Thanks to everyone who has visited and become a follower on my blog! I am over 100 (115 as of now!) I promised to do a giveaway at 100, and that's what I am going to do. The 120 mark will be the next giveaway - NYX Eyes, Lips & Polish!
Here's the Scoop:

1. China Glaze Ruby Pumps.
2. Nubar Base Coat.
3. China Glaze Matte Magic.
4. Zoya+ Remover
5. $OPI Nail Polish Remover Pads.
6. Konad Rhinestones.
7. Konad Stamper and Scraper.
8. CHOICE OF 2 Konad plates from the following:
m4, m5, m6, m8, m9, m24 or m60.

Here are the rules for the contest: (much like everyone else's!)

1. You must be a follower. (1 entry)
2. Announce the Giveaway on your blog -OR- have Y4L on your Blogroll. (please provide link) (1 entry)
3. Link back to Y4L. (1 entry)

Don't forget to post a comment and leave your email address where you can be contacted if you WIN!!! Contest deadline is March 5th! Open to ALL.

(Sorry to the "Twitterers", but I don't have a Twitter account.....maybe soon! ;)

Good Luck, and again THANK YOU for reading!!!!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Review!

I was lucky enough to be sent these amazing polishes by Diamond Cosmetics to review, and with this, my 1st EVER official product review. I am going to swatch these in 2 parts, hoping that there will be a little sunlight for the pinks...(which, by the way, are gorgeous in the bottle). Please enjoy the first of a two-part review of Diamond Cosmetics' Spring 2010 Collection:

First up: #349 Serendipity:

The first color I swatched was an amazing blue-grey shimmer, unlike anything I own. Nearly periwinkle, but more grey, this polish applied like all DC polishes. A bit streaky for the first coat, but the 2nd coat melted in to the first, making for great coverage and color. I didn't have any trouble with brush strokes, as can often happen with shimmers. Great color!

Next up: #352 Tranquility:

Just to let you know, this is ONE coat, yes, one...for me? The perfect polish. I couldn't believe the texture of this one, creamy, beautiful and what I want from all my polishes. This photo was taken with what little natural light we had, and is very true to life.

And lastly: #351 Orange Blush:

My first thought was, "well, this is pretty"....I guess this is my least favorite so far. Not because of the color, (very Sunday brunch-ish, yes) but this jelly is very difficult to apply. Seen here in 3 coats, and probably could have used 4. There is still VNL and this texture is very thick. Probably not one I could see wearing again.....sorry.

Stay tuned for part two!

Be Polished!


*The above swatches were applied using DC Super Base and DC Super Dry Top Coat, which I purchased.

* The Spring Collection was sent to me by Diamond Cosmetics in return for an honest review.

Diamond Cosmetics' New Spring 2010 Collection!

From the official media release:

Transition your look into the new spring season with Diamond Cosmetics' deliciously fun and flirty 2010 Spring Collection. We are introducing 6 new gorgeous shades!

#347 Gypsy Pink is a soft red loaded with white/pink shimmer, as mysterious as the woman who wears it.

#348 Hot Lips is a bright, almost neon magenta. This color shouts, "Spring is here!"

#349 Serendipity is a pale blue-grey with shimmer. This chic color is definitely not lacking.

#350 Razzmatazz is a dainty pink that will blow you away with its pink and purple toned shimmer.

#351 Orange Blush is a soft orange creme, perfect for a tropical getaway or a Sunday brunch.

#352 Tranquility looks like the clear blue sky. A perfect name for this tranquil color.

All of Diamond Cosmetics' polishes are free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor!

(These polishes were sent to me for review by Diamond Cosmetics.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


more until the 1st Y4L giveaway. Help me get to 100!
There will be a CG Ruby Pumps, a couple of Konad plates and a scraper, a Konad Special Polish color and rhinestones, a bottle of Zoya Remover+, and some other goodies.....If I can get to 120, I'll give 2 prizes.....NYX cosmetics!!! Eyes and Lips.........Gotta go to the Eye Doc, I'll post pics of the goodies later!

Oh, and it's snowing again.... No school ~ maybe EVER!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Join this Blog!

What an amazing style...and time to show some love.
"They" say it's much better to give than receive, and this blog speaks volumes....her writing style; so fresh and meaningful! You will enjoy reading the words, as if they are spoken directly....a personal touch with millions looking on - she will get many more follower, I just know it.....probably today!





~ Be Polished!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Olympics

Winter here is crazy ~ just like DC, Baltimore, and Philly, we are getting hammered with snow....OK, OK, I know we do live in the mountains, but we are not usually this crippled when it comes to the powdery stuff. (Too bad they aren't getting this in Vancouver.....I probably won't watch much of the Olympics, but I really do like Curling and Downhill.)

So here is my very labor-intensive Olympic-style mani:

1. DC Super Base
2. CG Platinum Pearl - 2 coats
3. SH Extreme Wear - White On - 2 coats (on thumbs)
4. DC Super Dry before stamping

Pointer finger ~ I wanted to represent the 3 medals; Gold, Silver and Bronze...this year they will be hung from a blue ribbon, so I free-handed with Art/Deco Blue Glitter over a layer of CG Glacier. The Medals are from Art Club, "Pretty Shiny Things" kit, which I ordered here.

Middle and Ring fingers ~ I just stamped snowflakes like crazy from the following plates:
m59, m69, m70, m5 and m 20. I used CG Bermuda Breakaway, SH Insta-Dri Blazin' Blue, Konad Special Blue, SH Salon Pedal to the Metal and SH White On.....layered and layered.
On the ring finger, I added some CG Glacier.

Pinky ~ I wanted to represent the Olympic torch and flame. One layer of CG Glacier; I used Konad Red and Yellow and m63 close to the tip, and the same colors with plate GCOCL A01
(little accents from poinsettia flowers that kinda' looked like flames.)

Thumbs ~ SH Extreme in White On....On left, Olympic Rings are stamped using m18 (the letter "O") using Konad Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and Green....the little snowflakes are from plates m5 and m70, stamped with SH Salon Pedal to the Medal. (I did this nail 3 times...that blue ring just didn't want to go where I had planned, so I left it...Oh, get the idea!)
On right, I used m14 (minus the U.S.A.....would not pick up!) using Konad Red and Blue, the same plates and polish as above.

WHEW!!! That was probably the toughest mani I have ever done.....I really would love to get some sunlight pictures, but, you know......snow.

Hope you enjoy!

Be Polished.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day Mani....UGH.

I did this last night...I don't really like it, but eh, thought I'd post it anyway....maybe someone out there will get some (albeit little) inspiration. Now, I don't hate Valentine's Day - it has been so much sweeter since I married the Commish - but my fraternal Grandmother died on V-Day when I was in Junior just gives me a little pit in my stomach....

Anyway, on to the sunnier, happier, heart-filled, pinkish, reddish, so-so konadicure: (You know I am laughing right now!) :B

1. DC Super Base
2. DC Sugar Coat Me (two coats)
3. DC Super Dry (before stamping)
4. M73 stamped with OPI Pearl Of Wisdom, and then again with OPI Thanks So Muchness
5. M59 stamped with OPI TSM....on ring and thumb (oops, forgot to photograph thumbkin)
6. Seche (two coats)

I am absolutely loving the Diamond Cosmetics line....the 1st coat is usually a little streaky, but the 2nd coat literally melts in to it and causes this beautiful, creamy delight! These polishes are very thick, and also stamp well because of it! Can't wait to get my hands on more of these little beauts!

For all of you who have had "shrinkage" (gosh, I can't say that word without thinking of a certain Seinfeld episode!!!!!!!) problems with Seche, well, this is my first wonk! WTH???? Did I not wait long enough to apply? Did I wait too long? Did I not get close enough to the cuticle?

The world may never know............

Luckily, this was the only nail affected and I have already done away with this favor of an "Olympic" theme....then on to "Chinese New Year"....just thinking out loud again.

Wait! Here is a scandalous pic for you......

ahhhhhhh! NAKED NAILS!

Look how sad they are....a snowy day, water droplets on the sliding glass door, just like little tears! (yeah, I'm laughing again....)

Have a GREAT day.

Be Polished!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giveaway post!

I think I'm going to post a few giveaways from other blogs on Sundays.....great way to start the week!
I'm away from home right now, but we never go anywhere without the laptop. (I am having mani withdrawal ~ BUT, I am finding that the Zoya polish I am wearing hat great last-ability! Even the red Art/Deco I have on my tips isn't too bad. I have had this mani since 4 days!)

Here are some giveaways:

Nails Etc: Great British polishes for a great achievement - 50 followers! Congratulations!

Fashioned in Finland is giving away some awesome products celebrating her 300th follower! GREAT JOB!!!!!

Babbling Brooke has this RAD giveaway going on - deadline VALENTINE'S DAY (Feb. 14) - just because she loves her followers soooooo much!

I am cooking up a giveaway when I get to 100- but I'm not sure how to determine a "long-time" bloggers, could you help a newbie out with some suggestions???
Thanks for reading ~ Tiffani

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MUWAH! *kissy noise*

A Valentine's Day Mani dedicated to Marilyn:

~ DC Super Base
~ 2 coats Zoya "Marilyn"
~ skinny tips Art/Deco, Red
~ Marilyn water decal from "It Girl Decals"
~ Red lips from H25, stamped with Konad Red
~ Little red gem for mole, CinaPro
~ Jessica "Krystal Pink"
~ 2 coats Seche

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crazy GAME DAY Nails!!!

Here are today's CRAZY GAME DAY NAILS!!!!

~1 coat DC Super Base on all nails.
~1 coat SH Insta-Dry "Blazin Blue" on pointer, middle and pinky, and tips.
~2 coats (dabbed) CG Medallion (OMG is this pretty in person!!! got it on sale at Sally)
~stamped with SH "Blazin Blue" using M18 for the "WVU" on my ring finger and M52 for the BBall on my thumb.
~Seche on all nails.

Now you know I could,'t leave this one as is, right????

I added little teeny tiny BBalls from M52 and used Konad yellow....just a little randomness! Another coat of Seche, and I am finished!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Holo-French-V-Day Mani

It started as just another "swatch" day that turned in to a fabbo V-Day mani! In the beginning: SH Insta-Dry "Petal Pusher"
This color was just opaque enough, yet sheer enough to look like when I used to get my nails done at the salon. A little buff, a little pink....I used two coats, and really could have left this as is.

I decided to free-hand some french tips. I used Diamond Cosmetics "Chainmail Charm" - an incredible grey-brown holo.....

What I couldn't figure out was what color to use for accent gems. So, I put the holo in the sun to see what colors actually reflected and saw tons of purple-ish glow. I chose a little heart from the Cina Pro Kit, and the little teeny tiny dots (which took forever to place) were from that same kit. The usual suspect, Seche finished the look.

Here are some more looks: (can you tell I sorta' like this one?)

This mani took me about an hour to do ~ those little gems are super tough to pick up and place, but I had fun and it was quite you like it?

Shout out to Diamond Cosmetics - this holo is A-mazing!