Monday, May 24, 2010

My Original RAOK

If you're not sure what this stands for, well, please read on. When I started this blog a few years ago, I had 2 followers....and needless to say, they were friends just being nice. (LOL) It was all about my crochet and photography of the articles I had made;scarves, baby's still on here, too. Yeah, there was some political humor, but when it was all said and done, not successful at all. I kept up with it faithfully, waiting, longing and really just wanting a place I could vent and share.

It lasted a few painful, lonely months.

THEN, the Commish and I took a trip to Vegas in November of 2009. (most of you have read this story before). While there I was "introduced" to Konad at the mall. Yes, those little annoying kiosks we all have to pass to get to Victoria's Secret or the GAP - you know what I mean. Well on this day, I am so glad I wandered up to the little "street cart" replica and met the most wonderful sales gal ever. She sent me home with a starter kit and a "free" m19 plate. The rest, as you can see, is history.

I decided to get the blog thing going again, but in a different direction. Don't get me wrong I still love my crocheting and heck, the photography thing is now a career, but my nail sisters???? What a great bunch you are.

So herein begins the real story behind this post. I had oh, maybe 10 or so followers...and I suddenly got an email from Laura aka "Sawan" asking if she could send me the Claire's Mood Polishes......well, what do you say, but YEA!!!!! A week or so later they arrived and I got to swatching and photographing the darlings. BUT, it was snowing and snowing and excess of 3 feet. I did the best I could, so here is how they ended up:

I have posted before about this exchange, but never in it's entirety...I do have swatches of these, but I just wanted to share them by themselves. Besides, it was snowing so much, my swatches were "eh" to say the hands were too cold to tell what was going I am nubbified (stupid bowling ball) so they might have to be re-swatched.

SAWAN-LAURA - you were one of my first followers and my very first RAOK provider, so again, thank you for making this happen.

Until next time...........(let the swap posts begin!)

Be Polished!

(the luckiest nail gal in the world)

Friday, May 21, 2010

No Nails today....some work. PIC SPAM!

Here is what has kept me so busy lately....well, and the vacation, and baseball games, and senior pictures, and, well, you get the picture. Not a cop-out, but I am so far behind in the post game, that I wanted you all to see my other passion. I'll get to the nail thing shortly. I have some of the BESTEST swap packages to show you and the BESTEST swap gals EVER! (Rebecca, Biba, PK, Lyra, Lily, Sawan, Susie) - you girls RAWK - and I promise, you will all get a post.)

XXXOOO MUWAH! *sending international Marilyn kisses*

This is baby Tristen and his family.
He was one month old when he came to my studio.

Baby Lucas was born 2 months early.
When he came to my studio, he had been home for about a week...

Well, there are a few more, but I think this might be enough spam for right now...and, cuteness!

Be Polished!


Monday, May 10, 2010


This is the Roo jumping for JOY!!! (I think he found the cure before i could give it away!)

It is official! The "Cure for the Summertime Blues" goes to........................................................


I sent the email to her just moments ago! Congratulations!! I had so much fun getting this together and I am planning the next one - oh, "surprise, surprise"...(said by Gomer Pyle - US gals, you know this!)

Be Polished!


My next few posts are going to be about the kickin' swaps I've had lately.

I have to say, "The Swap" is one of my favorite things about this blog - meeting and emailing and trying new things; all the while giving ~ it's just the coolest....NO, you all are the coolest...THANK YOU for being readers, even when I didn't post, you all continue to comment. This blog thing brings us all together, a little....small world makes for great friends. (even if we never meet!)

You reap what you sow - and I am loving the opportunity to spread out, 'round the globe.....peace and love, peace and love..... :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"DDD" and Mothers

(my littlest love ~ Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda)

Happy Mother's Day to all the great ones out there in the blogosphere....

Whether you are mother to a human, a canine, a feline; earth, wind or matters not. We are all mothers to some other form, take joy in the being!

Anyway, these DDD are not exactly daily, but close enough. (I just really like the triple D thing):

Here is today's selection:

Kleancolor "Red Alert" VS. OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie".

Straight up bottle pics.
This is both colors ~ alternating fingers.
OPI on middle and pinky.
Kleancolor on pointer and ring.
*(in this pic, it looks so much brighter, but it isn't, promise)
Again, both colors, alternating..
All in all, the color is nearly identical. The application was nearly identical and this is 2 coats of each. I kept with the alphabetical thing, thus "K" before "O" and that's how I kept them straight. Kleancolor on pointer and ring; OPI on middle and pinky. Verdict?

*These pics were taken on a horrible, rainy, blustery, windy day and I could only capture them with flash. (my studio wasn't set up).

(whoa, my fingers look like sausages, ick)

Be Polished! AND, have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Two Days to ENTER!

Here is the final (maybe *tee-hee*) pic of my big giveaway, "There Ain't No Cure For the Summertime Blues"! If you haven't entered, yet, THERE IS STILL TIME! go here. Tell your friends! If you notice, there are only 136 entries, as of the time this publishes.....that means the odds are in everyone's favor! Have you ever seen a giveaway this big with so few entries?!?!?

There are 21 polishes, 5 Kool-Aid mixes, and the little umbrellas for your summertime "whatever-ails-ya" drinks and a CD full of Summer Hits. Good luck, everybody!

Be Polished!