Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fall comes before winter.

Or at least it used to....we have gone from 70 degree days to snow...not that I mind.

I decided to use the one day of beautiful fall here in WV for what else???? ~ Do a mani!

Inside, with flash.

Outside, no flash, shade.

Outside, evening sun.

Color Club "Nothing But Truffle", stamped with China Glaze 2030 using BM plate...and randomly placed orange, clear, green and gold rhinestones.....of course, there was Seche on top.

I wore this for about 3 days. Then it was sunny again. Now it is snowing..

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scary, ain't it!!!

The fact that I am actually posting! My Hallowe'en nails were super fun!

My thumb was painted with Essence "Sun Downer" from "Return to Paradise"...officially my favorite non-neon orange - THANK YOU LYRA!!!
Stamped with Special Polish Black using the Coraline plate bat and kitty.

Black fingers are painted with wet n wild Crystalic in "Heavy Metal" (I really wish they wouldn't have discontinued this line of polish! I have them all....they are great.)

I sponged my pinky with China Glaze snow and made a "moon" with a large dotting tool and Color Club "Worth the Risque".

Here is the picture of everything I used for this kondicure:

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


So sorry I have tons of things to post and review (not sent to me reviews, just bought by me reviews LOL) BUT, Blogger is just plain WONK! I haven't been able to upload a pic since my last post. Yeah, check the date.

******SCREAMING MAD********

I don't know what to do. The Commish got me a new computer for my b-day - he's still going about loading all the new software so I can maybe get some work done.

Just thought I'd let you know what's up.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Color Club #1

Color Club "Pretty in Platinum" from the newest collection ~ "Untamed Luxury"

I love this color...not white, not silver, not grey, not metallic, not shimmer....just perfectly "Pretty in Platinum"!

There is NOTING in my stash like this (At least I think so ..LOL)

I'm gonna 'nad it later...planning to wear my newest Chucks today and this is a good base.

I only used one coat here.

Outside on a dreary day, no flash.

Inside with flash, shows the little flicker of shimmer-y, metal-y ness....

I have this whole collection, and will be showing more of them coming soon....hope you likey!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The First Sponge.

Is old news, but I have to tell you, this is one of my most favorite NsOTD ever.... I didn't want to ever take it off....

(blogger - wth...why is this photo rotated???)

1. 2 Coats SH Insta-Dri in "Petal Pusher"
2. Sponged at the tips with Orly "Lemonade", "Snowcone" and "Pixy Stix"
3. Top coat with CG "Fairy Dusst"
4. Little pink metallic heart - from who knows where.... LOL
5. Seche

So, there's another oldie, but goodie....I am going to sport this look again when and if my nails ever grow out again.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


(THIS is why I love living in the country - my daily route home)

From days gone by ~ a spam extravaganza. I am not going to apologize any more for being a suck blogger. Life is what it is right now (not all bad, don't worry), but here are a few colored palettes for your viewing pleasure:a rainy day marble - my first, and rather successful attempt at water marbling.

Pool party nails - a "Welcome Home" from Iraq shindig. Metallic silver with BM swirls in black - one little aqua rhinestone on each nail (reminded me of water ripples in the pool at night)

I really didn't love this, although separately, I love the polish, the striper, and the fimo.

Purple and gold - worn for a Lakers BBall game during the playoffs - sun for LA and a gold rhinestone.
Tone on tone with holo.

Pale "baby pink" with some dots and one foil nail. This foil was surprisingly easy to apply.
Softball nails. Our summer league team the "Bossy Babes" were turquoise and white - and of course, there had to be glitter. It was a twin. :)

One more pic of the water marble thing just because I really liked it.

So, for now, dear readers.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap No. 2!!!!!!

This is the 2nd swap in "the series"....and it was from the lovely Lily! Her blog is My little world of polish by Lily Nail.

My first H&M and Peggy Sage polishes! A Hello Kitty hairbrush (which has now become the "travel brush!!!!) and a great Watermelon Mint lip gloss, also H&M. I am so miffed that H&M in the States doesn't carry cosmetics... *sad face*.

Peggy Sage is a French brand I had never heard of, but the quality is primo - and the colors are very nice. The nail stickers are almost "rubbery" and they were perfect on my much so that I had a tough time removing them - but for my tootsies, it was great!

This was just the 1st of many swaps I have now done with Lily! Her blog is great and I love to watch for her new reviews.

I usually post all the colors under these pictures and now you are probably wondering my I'm a "slacker" for this post. Well let me explain. I had been keeping a (HUGE) list of these polishes on a legal pad of paper, which recently, has become MIA. Yea, I could go through my stash (also HUGE) and pick out the bottles, but they are in a bit of a storage crunch right now.....We had some water damage to our master bath and are in the midst of re-doing the floor with awesome tile ~ that's on backorder from the manufacturer in ITALY! ARGH! We are living on sub-floor and concrete board; dust and filth. My nail table is sitting against my sliding glass door in the master bedroom and all my polishes are stacked in the guest bedroom....I know, enough for the excuses. IF I can find the tablet, I'll edit this post - and if I mess up a swap, please let me apologize in advance. I think I am going to have to start a spreadsheet.....

But all that being said, I love swapping, and anyone interested in a future one, please contact me!

Be Polished!


Friday, July 30, 2010

FINALLY! My first Swap

This is the beginning of my many posts about "the swap"....I have so many to compliment and thank - and some from many months ago! Here is my very first, real live swappy thingy...and it was with Rebecca from Nails Etc. Her blog is so fresh and honest - I love the style of her writing....As I read her posts, I close my eyes and go to London with her... (not in a creepy, American sort of way, LOL)...London is one of my most favorite cities.

I really didn't know how much fun or how addictive this whole swap lifestyle would be, but man, am I having a blast!

So here are the photos of what she kindly sent "across the pond":

(this is the mass)

L to R: Boots ~ (Natural Collection) "Black Cherry", Bourjois ~ "So Lacque - Bleu Violet",
Miss Sporty ~"Clubbing Colors" (I think) and Sleek ~ (Nailed Polish) "Poison Ivy".

Beauty UK ~ "Electric Purple" and "Lilac Girl"

Barry M ~ (my firsts!!!) NP 210, Racing Green, Raspberry and NPP 1.

Boots 17 ~ "Orange Soda", "Pink Grapefruit" and "Peacock"

Collection 2000 ~ "Spangles", "Intense" and "Button Moon"

MUA ~ Green Metallic (no label) and "Shade 8"

I really didn't know what to expect - but I sent the lovely Rebecca an email asking about the Beauty UK polishes she had reviewed on her blog - I offered to swap with her, and this is what I was surprised with! My swaps are many and my treasures great, but I have had the most fun getting "to know" the bloggers from these are all so kind and generous. From one little American gal, thanks.

~Be Polished!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Always the 4th!


The celebration for the 4th of July (Independence Day) lasted from Saturday until Wednesday!!
Here's what I used:
1. Diamond Cosmetics Super Base
2. Finger Paints -Easel come, Easel Go on thumb and pointer.
3. Essie - Well Red ans China Glaze - Nova on middle.
4. China Glaze - Snow on ring.
5. Orly - Royal Navy (LOVE THIS!) and Art Deco Silver Glitter on pinky.

I used BM plates for the firework and Konad plates with Special polish in Red and Blue Metallic - the silver is China Glaze Millennium!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yours Truly

A month or so ago, I was tolling about the blog-o-sphere looking for (gasp) non polish sites...I have this new found fascination for handmade goods, especially jewellery. I found this little "gem" of a blog, and instantly fell in love with the look of this stuff!

I contacted the lovely Alice of Yours Truly Range, and we began emailing back and forth, creating the most amazing pieces together. I say together, because it was probably 2 or 3 weeks of back and forth decisions and suggestions before she actually made the jewellery. You heard me right ~ MADE....custom, beautiful, and more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. Here is what she designed for me:

This first set is made with black leather, one Pegasus pendant (LOVE) a large blue heart and one small black one....The earrings are blue as well ...I think they are Heliotrope. (yikes)

This next creation is very special to me. When Roo was a baby, his nursery was decorated in suns, moons and stars - the crystals on this necklace reflect most of the colors in his crib comforter. When I told Alice about this , she knew exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely adore this necklace....

Her color charts of available crystals can be found here and she only uses the best materials; Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and leather. Here is a little snippet from her blog:

"The Yours Truly Range is strictly my own design of jewelry. Anything you see here is created from my own mind and designs are made up myself. I would never copy a piece of any kind deliberately, as i get enjoyment out of styling and designing pieces of jewelry from my own imagination. I like to experiment and be artistic about my work.

The main materials i use are Swarovski crystals. These are a well known, high quality crystals in which arebeautifully sparkly and elegant, unfortunately the camera doesnt do any justice for them! They look better in life than in pictures i can assure you!

I like to think im doing the best i can for customers and i will provide a service that will not let you down! All products are made with the finest materials and i can ensure my items are of high quality!"

I couldn't agree more - if only you could see this jewellery in person, it is stunning!

I am going to be ordering more from Alice - those heart and key earrings are to die for!!!

I am so glad I bumped in to this blog, and if you are in the market for some amazing, personalized, beautiful, unique (I could go on for days) pieces, PLEASE, send Alice an email; she will personally create a piece for you.

Prices range from about $10-$30 ..and shipping took about 1 week from the UK to WV.

THANK YOU ALICE!!!!!! You will be hearing from me again very soon!

Be Polished!


*a little disclaimer here ~ I purchased these items with my very own $$$$ :) I can't wait to order more! *wink*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheeky Monkey ~ III

The newest colors from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics arrived at my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, and I was overjoyed! Andrea remembered "little ol' me" and I am VERY grateful!

So, with little introduction here are the 4 new Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Spring 2010 colors!

This is "Booty Call"....and if someone was on the other end of the line wearing this fab color, don't you know I'd be right over. This is just beautiful; not quite purple, not quite magenta, but a sparkled mix of the two. Quite possibly my favorite of the four.

Next up is "Filthy Madame" - may be who IS at the other end of the booty call! It makes me think of some hyped-up, black-tie soiree that has out-lived the party. This is how I feel after one of those uncomfortable nights.....with my husband, of course! :)

And there there is this minty-goddess, "Get Wet". With all the makers and the mint craze, Cheeky Monkey got on the wagon, and as far as I'm concerned, came in first. This one was a tad bit streaky with the first coat, but 2 coats brought out the beauty in this polish.

Here we go with the last one - "Tease". So, I put this in the concrete category, but with a hint of purple...yes, purple. With all the grey/concrete/cement colors out there, this is def going to be my "go-to" grey.

Just because I can't get enough of this color (and I did it the last time I reviewed)... *drooling*

And I love the sun in this too.....yummy. Do you see that slight little hint of colored sparkle? Not a holo, but there is some kick a$$ twinkle in there...

So, all in all the formula is great, the pigments are great, and the owner, Andrea is THE BOMB!!! (hey, that might not be a bad name for a polish....).

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics are available for $15 USD, each on the website, HERE. They are BIG 3 Free and worth every penny. Give you fingers a story to tell....they are RAWKIN!!!!

Be Polished!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics' New Summer 2010 Collection!


Diamond Cosmetics has done it again! This collection, although only 3 shades, is exactly up on the trend with polish makers world-wide.....(I'll show you why in a minute). Marissa sent me these polishes to review a couple of weeks ago, and now I am going to share these absolutely gorgeous colors with you....and now, without further a-do (Kermit the Frog voice inserted HERE)


First up is #355, Magens Bay Blue. The release states: "Magens Bay Blue is a light blue-based teal. this color shines like the clear blue bay on the brightest day".

Next up is #356, Pelican Peak Purple: "a feminine and flirty lilac that will match your bikini, the beach and your boy wonderfully"....cute, cute, CUTE!!!

And lastly is #357, South Beach Pink. This one says "this bright pink is the perfect color to transition from a fun day in the syn to a wild night on the town" - and I agree....GO!

These beauts are what we have all come to rely upon from DC, smooth, 2-coaters and just plain pretty. The application was exactly what I expected....coat 2 just melts in to the first causing a smooth and shiny finish.

All of Diamond Cosmetics' polishes are free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor. They are available on their website for $2.25 each. Super price for a super polish!

Their customer service is personal and they always ship quickly! I have done much business with this company, and I will continue to do so!

And for all the US bloggers/nail fanatics out there who can't get the coveted essence "Crazy about Colour" collection - get the Diamond Cosmetics line......while they are not exact dupes, they are so close you can enjoy them just the same......and way to go, DC - these colors are just perfect for summer!

Thanks to Marissa for letting me review this line.... MUWAH!

Be Polished!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vacay, Earth Day and PK!!!

Finally a post! Lots going on here, BUT, I WILL SURVIVE! (hint, hint)

Here is what I decided for the Bermuda mani: (remember this trip was in April!)

Nubar "Funky Opal"
Diamond Cosmetics "White Shimmer" on the tips....
I stopped there for a while, but wanted to add a little Konad:
M57 with pink and white. It lasted 4 or 5 days.

I used 2 coats of DC Super Base (I usually only use one, but I knew it needed to be tough) and 2 coats Seche on top, also for durability. Here's what I bought on vacation: (this was the view from our balcony at Coco Reef resort - we were there the last 2 nights.....)

Then there was the Earth Day mani:

Nubar: "Recycle" (appropriate)
China Glaze "Nova" for the tips...simple, but effective.
(I really miss my long-ish nails)

I added the reflection pic because of the holo-happiness happenings of the Nova in the glass.

Now on to another swap I did....well, not actually a swap, but a contest of sorts. Pia (I am getting the link as we speak...yeah, I'm a dumbbell), was having a great deal for people who commented on her blog. She was going to pick 10 (I think) people that entered this combo, and while on vacation in Germany, grab up some non-US polishes and cosmetics to send to we lucky ones. The only catch was (here's the coolest part) the winners had to swap US-only things back! So it was double duty, and VERY clever. I may be going to France, Belgium and Amsterdam late this summer, and I might very well steal this idea! (THANKS, PK)

Here is what she sent me:
Essence ~ Colour & Go, "Underwater" (I also took this on vacation!)
p2 ~ Color Victim, "Shockful"
essence ~ Cute as Hell, "bad girl" polish and "DATE ME!" eye shadow.
Lip Smackers ~"Fanta Orange" yum!

This was the prize of prizes for first, I had no idea what to do with it, but when I asked Pia, she said it was made for babies, but so gentle and nicely scented that she wanted to "throw it in"....(and the tin is cute, too). So, I packed it in my Bermuda bag and used it on my face to help with the dreaded peel from day 1's sunburn.

Can I tell you that I am still using it! I love this stuff! My skin is very sensitive and this has never given me one little zit. It smells so great, not greasy and has helped (YES I HAVE THEM) with plumping of the dreaded wrinkles. OK, so I like to call them "character lines" :)

......have a GREAT day!

Be Polished!