Monday, March 1, 2010

2-year Olds Pink explosion!!!

My brother has 2 year old twin daughters, and there was a "girly" birthday explosion on Sunday at our local Burger King.....OMGsh. First of all, they are beautiful little girls, and secondly, I painted a nearly nauseating pink, purple, silver, glittery Hello Kitty konadicure.....(I have to admit, the nails have grown on me a little!) *tee-hee*

Here is the konadi I did for the occasion.....

1. DC Super Base.
2. 2 coats CG Something Sweet (U&A).
3. Konad m14 in Psyche Pink and Violet Pearl.
4. Fauxnad Hello Kitty, also Violet Pearl, little purple rhinestone bow....CinaPro.
5. Skinny French with Art/Deco Silver Glitter.
6. Seche

Of course, this was purely for me, as "the girls" could have cared less about what Aunt Tiff had on her was fun to do for the off to do another CRAZY GAME DAY mani.....WVU vs. Georgetown tonight - the last home game, and senior night.

Watch for my next Swatch and Review - Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics. I have reviewed 4 of their amazing polishes (thank you Andrea!!!) and will be posting that article tomorrow. If you have a minute, go check out this site, and beware you may laugh until you snort...... *teaser*

Be Polished!



  1. My little sister would love this!
    Very nice [:

  2. Ahh, it is super girly, but very well done! Awesome.

  3. Very pretty manicure! Just the right amount of cuteness ;)

  4. You have such beautiful hands! That baby pink is ravishing on you. <3 Did you nieces notice your HK nails? I don't think if I would have noticed such a thing at 2 years old but no one is alike!

  5. Beautiful little nieces! And great mani!

  6. Aww. What a couple of dolls! And your nails are cute too!

  7. I nominated you for an award on my blog, go check it out!

  8. Thanks to all of you for your comments!


  9. Oh, they will grow into it soon enough, and then they will discover that Aunt Tiff is da bomb! ;D