Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cheeky Monkey

I stumbled upon this line and company a few weeks ago - although I'm not sure which blogger it was..(if it's you, let me know and I'll give you due props)...

Facebook page:

"Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics is centered on the belief that all women should be free to express their personal edginess in a fun and empowering way. Our products act as a tool, providing an avenue and philosophy to engage, explore or rediscover the edginess that animates all of us."

I went to the website Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics and I knew I had found the right spot! I contacted the wonderful Andrea inquiring about reviewing a few polishes - well, she agreed, so here for your viewing pleasure, I have some freaking amazing colors from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics!!!

"Sweet Ass"

So, the name is a bit different, as all of these polish names are! That's what makes them so punk, no wait, it's the color....and the formula....and the application....

This is a baby doll pink jelly. This is 3 coats, and you can see some VNL, but that has never been an issue with me. The color is perfect for Spring....creamy, pretty, and jelly all in one... I will definitely be wearing this one again!


All I can say is WOW about this color....again the formula and application on this was great. This is two coats of purple-y, blue-y bright almost metallic shimmer.

I couldn't believe how this looked in the sun! It's going to be a go-to color for me!

I want to go for a good "Romp" wearing this polish!

This is the first of two posts I have on this line - Stay tuned for more....Cheeky Monkey!


  1. It coulda been me or Vampy Varnish where I learned of it. :)

  2. BTW, those colors are awesome, cannot wait to get some on my hands!

  3. I need this! That purple. Swoon

  4. I'm a sucker for those colors. They look great. Pfff.....I still have a hugh wishlist....

  5. These are pretty colors, and the names are hilarious!

  6. Those are very nice colors, could definitely imagine going on a romp with these, especially with the pink sweet ass!!! LOL!!!

  7. I think I`m in a pink moment! I soooo love the pink sweet ass :))

  8. I like the names lol!
    Also love pink sweet ass :)

  9. romp looks gorgeous, and I like the packaging too