Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well, I partied like it was "1999", but I forgot my Raspberry Beret....bummer. I did, however wear this awesome mani - I wish my name was Nikki and I had a Little Red Corvette.

(outside, full sun, no flash)

Inside - with flash.

Ring finger detail - with flash.

Here is what I used:

1. essence "Blossoms etc......." in Bloom-a-loom (1 coat!).
2. Fauxnad A13 plate for pinky.
3. FABurNAILS by JAKS plate (custom) for ring finger.
4. thumb is C-D XL plate C.
(all were stamped using Konad Special in Violet).

The squares and tears are from Dollar Nail Art, because I love cheap....and I couldn't find a "Dove" I just did the "Cry" part. Yes.

Happy Birthday Prince!!!!

Be Pawlished!



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  2. sooo cute! this is the sample of customized plate from johanne,hihi really nice!

    i love the paw with gigi's name soooo cute!

  3. Love the details on the ring finger. Sooo cute! Oh, new follower here. Nice blog BTW. :)

    misskatv beauty straight forwards

  4. OMG I love Prince so much! That stamp is the bee's knees.

  5. Love the polish! I've listened to some Prince music. He's cool. ♥
    Love love Tiff!

  6. Love the mani! where did you get the FABurNAILS by JAKS plate? I

  7. Lovely! ^__^ I still have to figure out how to konad properly... I still manage to get the stamps twisted or otherwise messed up on most of my fingers -___-

    Oh, did you receive my email?

  8. @Shadow - the plate was send to my in a swap....

    @Karina I did gen an email from you last week, I think...about the new polishes coming out, or is there a new one?

    Thanks, everyone!


  9. Yup, I think it's that one ^__^ Just to be sure

    I saw on some blogs that now it'll get really hard to be able to make swaps... it seems that they won't let people send polishes at all now

    Karina (too lazy to log with google now)