Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baseball and Flowers

REALLY quick mani today. Now, we have all seen these Misa polishes, and yet again, I can confirm the beauty and wear of this polish. Why, you ask? Because I did this little design on THURSDAY. (um, today is Tuesday....that is day 5!!!). There is a little tip wear, but I think for 5 days, it is manageable. I could touch it up a little, but, I'm going to throw a change-up. ;)

Misa - Mermaid Dreams (one coat!!!!), stamped with Konad Special White.
GCOCL plate C01 and Konad M52. Top coat is Seche.

Now, why this angle? Well, can you see the difference in the color? It's probably hard to tell here, but there is a little touch of pink in this light.

Baseball. Yes. My Roo plays Little League ball for the Dodgers, here in our little town. I wanted to have something blue and white for his game.

Be Pawlished!



  1. i love the color! actually im one of those who are fan of blue colors! ^_^

    really love reading your blog! ^_^ and learn lots of things especially on stamping. ^_^

  2. awe, thanks! I love blues and greens!!!