Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sugar and Cinnamon

My 1st Valentine's Day Konadicure. Done with CG "Something Sweet" (2 coats), M59 stamped with CG "Unplugged". I was going for a pink & brown mani, hence the name....I also dotted a little "Fairy Dust" just across the little brown hearts.

I think I have found one of the many secrets to Konading! DON'T press too hard....I know, I know - but I found that if I don't press nearly as hard as I had been, the designs transfer without any smudging or shadowing...maybe I just got lucky this time, but I didn't have to re-do any nail (I usually have 1 or 2 do-overs) during this one.

The next picture was just too cool....I got a really punk rainbow reflection from my beveled mirror, I just had to post the radness!


  1. Very pretty. :) You always do such a nice job,

  2. Nice! I love the colour combo.

  3. I love pink and brown together! It's a cute color combo. This came out very nicely!