Friday, January 8, 2010

Just the Beginning!

I have had my Konad set since Thanksgiving and am just beginning to find out all the possibilities. I am following 'nad blogs like crazy and loving what I see. Also, with the now 24" of snow, I have plenty of free time. Here are my trials and errors so far:

1st Konadicure EVER!

~ Special Polish in White, Blue and Yellow using M19 and M60. I added a little gold heart later. This was about 3 days in to the mani, so there was a bit of wear, but still, not bad for a 1st try!

Here is #2!

~ Special Polish in Red and White using M19 and layering with M45 and added a snowflake from M59. One little clear crystal on ring finger.

Take a look at #3:

~Special Polish in Yellow for tips, M19. Layering done with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Blazing Blue. Plates M18, M52 and M9.

Here comes the next one, #4:

~Base coat - 2 coats Wet N' Wild Goldmine. Special Polish Metallic blue for lettering using M17, M18 and M52.

*disclaimer - we LOVE WVU sports, however, we lost both the Gator Bowl and A BBall game that day, so this mani was promptly removed by halftime...LOL!

AND - #5
Here is where I decided to get a little more creative, I think....

~ Two coats of OPI Merry Midnight (LOVE THIS COLOR!!!!). Special Polish in white and plate M54. One little crystal on ring finger.

DRUM ROLL ~~~~~~~~~ KOTD!!!!

~ Base is 2 coats of ICING (some sort of metallic blue, there is no tag and it's
REALLY old)....Special Polish in White and plates M60 & M69. I tried to make the "argyle" angle across the tips of my nails - solid fail - still working on my technique, as you can tell...anyway over the tip, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamond and for the snowflake, Sally Hansen Salon in Pedal to the Metal. I think it's OK - but as soon as my China Glaze Khrome Collection gets here (oh my), I'll be using those for my metallic stamps.


  1. WOW! You have some great looking Konad Manicures there. :)
    Love following your blog.
    I got the China Glaze Khromes a few days ago. I need to find time to play with them.

  2. thanks for the compliments! I can't wait for my Khromes!!!

  3. Just a beginner? Are you kidding me?!
    I've done konad for about a year now and I still haven't mastered plate M19! How did you do that? *jealous*

    Your konads looks great!

  4. Kirsten - thank you very much!

    I have found that is is easier for me to actually turn the stamp upside down and lay my nail on to it....(not the "rolling motion")...then I press down and roll just a bit.

    I love all the nail art blogs I am stumbling upon! Following as many as I can - and just taking it all in!

  5. oooh, #5 is beautiful! i still haven't got konad /ashamed/ maybe when i build my polish collection up a bit more ^^

  6. @yardsticks: I do the french plates the same way but for some reason M19 just won't make an even stamp. I get darker and lighter spots and sometimes even bald spots. Even though the image looked completely covered and even on the plate and on the stamp.

  7. thanks Brooke!! At first they reminded me of Minnie Mouse....and that was OK! LOL

  8. jealous jealous jealous!!! i tried m19 before and i know how hard and understand why my aunt been complaining it's difficult to use it.. ><
    But hmmm, i'll try your way~^^ wish me luck, haha...
    Anyway, you are way too good as a Konad beginner, those konadicure are really nice!

  9. you are too kind, Rachel! Looking forward to following your blog.....your art is FAB! :B

  10. Oh my gosh! These are your first attempts? They are great! I really love your 1st Konad manicure. The blue and yellow are so pretty together. Not a color combination that I would've ever thought to do. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see your future designs! :)