Friday, January 15, 2010

King Tut never looked this good!

WOW - WOW - WOW! I can't believe this is on my nails, and better yet - *SINGS LOUDLY" I love it! My first bottle of Jessica Polish is King Tut's Gem............whoa, Pharaoh.
I was really just swatching a bunch of polishes this morning (like always) and this one really stood out!
(in sun, er, I mean snow light)

this is with flash and my studio constants lights....not nearly as pretty or true to it's fab color. This blue is a glorious peacock shade, not a tinge of purple or's definitely worth having this in your "arsenal".

But soon after, I changed colors to get ready for the West Virginia University Basketball game tomorrow.....

It's a coat of Diamond Cosmetics Base (OOOOOH DO I HAVE NEWS!) and two coats of CG Bermuda Breakaway. Then I free-handed a couple of stripes with Art/Deco Gold Glitter and added a little rhinestone to each finger. Two coats of Seche finished it off....

The more I look at this mani, the more I think it would have been better suited for a day on the yacht....a little nautical....but since I spent 30 minutes on it, I guess I'll keep it until after the game. :)

I got a mail haul today from Diamond Cosmetics - gonna swatch them later.