Sunday, January 10, 2010

China Glaze Chapter 1

I think I am in love ~ with a nail polish. Today was the 1st time I have ever used the CG and OMGsh, pure seduction! I'm so new to this whole nail thing, I never knew that such goodness could come from a small bottle of pigment and "stuff". Although I am not totally in love with the 'nadicure, I can tolerate it.....until tomorrow. ;)

So here is how I worked it:
2 coats of CG Secret Peri-Wink-le (a most beautiful color):

Now, my 1st "free-hand" tip job. I used CG Sci-Fi...I probably could have left it right here. Something about Periwinkle + Silver makes me ga-ga! (next time, add some green, come on!!!)

So, then I thought that the little leopard print on M24 looked like snow....I know, I know...we have enough of that around here, but it was so pretty today in WV - THE SUN WAS OUT! So I used Konad Special Polish in White.

The little "sun" is from Coraline. Everyday I find new ways to use those plates! (I stamped it with CG Sci-Fi and what a difference from the Silver Konad Special Polish - rubbish.)
Finally, being the glitter hog that I am, you know I had to add some. I started with just dotting the Sally Hansen Diamond Coat (Diamond) over the tips, but really liked covering the entire nail, sans ring finger.....If I had this to do all over again, I think I would have used a stamp on the whole nail.

Anywho....we had a birthday today here in the mountains - the Roo turned 8, and we had a little soirée for him. It was just the 3 of us, and oh, so nice and relaxing. I'll post pictures tomorrow.


  1. Very cute Konadicure and great colors!

  2. Very nice. Love reading your posts. You're a natural writer. :)