Monday, January 18, 2010

My 1st all-over.

I finally tried it, and boy, was it easy! Now, this is NOT an original design or even thought, but with so many examples with this color combo and this plate, I thought surely I could do it!
I used Super Base from Diamond Cosmetics followed by 2 coats of Jessica "Sunset Blvd." This black is very shiny, a little difficult to spread evenly. Maybe that's just black in general??? It left a couple of bald spots, but with the 2nd coat was OK. I then used CG Millennium and M63. (this is going to become one of my favorite plates!) As others have said, you must work very quickly when stamping with CG - it makes the transfer very tape-like ~like a rub-on transfer or guild paper.
I am really going to love using the CG Khrome Collection for Konading - it is so pretty. My head again, is swirling with ideas - I probably should start writing them down, lest I forget one!

The final product reminds me a little of water marbling, eh? I have seen this done with holos, but I don't have any, yet.... they should be here in a couple of days.
It was dreary and rainy here all day, so I had to use artificial lighting to get this shot...It's OK. I guess.

The Commish is taking me out to dinner so I thought this would be a nice mani for the sweater, skinny jeans, snake-skin pumps and silver jewelry.....


  1. Beautiful! M63 is my favorite plate because I love that design so much. I can't wait to try my 2030 polish with it!!!

  2. That looks gorgeous, I really need that plate!

  3. @gildedangel - I just got it last week!!
    @Gina - the Khromes are amazing to stamp with!
    thanks for your compliments!!!

  4. that design and combo looks fab, I haven't tried this plate yet, will get round to it soon. Yeah those CG dry super fast eh, you have to be quick, and Im not always fast enough lol

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I've that plate coming and I have the Khromes. :) So glad you shared your Konading.
    Will be looking for more,

  6. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! the colour combo is just perfect

  7. Gorgeous! I love M63 too. Mostly because of the houndstooth design.

  8. oooooo I like, I like!! very pretty!!

  9. I love that plate. I'll have to get it soon, and those colors are classic.

  10. So gorgeous! And I love that you told us about the outfit you wore with it! Pictures next time! I have often wondered how many people match their outfit to their nails or vice versa. I have to make sure that they at least don't clash even if everything doesn't match exactly.