Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before KONAD

This new "profile" picture, so tastefully taken by the Commish in Las Vegas, was just before I discovered Konad. Notice the forlorn look on my face.

I just recently discovered all these blogs about nails, nail polish, "swatching" and Konad. I am positively amazed at how many great looking manis are out there, and I plan to use them for inspiration. I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts, suggestions, tips and of course, Konad manis....I can't wait. I have ordered a bunch of OPI, Diamond Cosmetics and China Glaze in the past week and will enjoy every last bottle and fume.

I also have to tell you that no one (I MEAN NO ONE) has ever seen or heard of Konad back here in the mountains of West Virginia - am I surprised? NO....SO, I ordered several starter kits and gave them out for Christmas! There is not even a Konad distributor within 500 miles of here. hmmmmm...........

We are in the middle of some serious about 20" here on the hilltop and more expected by tonight. I am going to take some new pics and post them this afternoon. Stay tuned!


  1. I had never heard of Konad before either. I just got a kit and tons of polish for Christmas. (I do my own shopping). LOL.
    You posted to my blog and suggested I come follow yours and I discovered I already am following you through bloglines. :)
    It will be great following your Konading. Have you had time to play with it yet?

  2. I don't know how bloglines work....I am sorta' new to this! LOL.

  3. Bloglines is just a way to subscribe to all of your blogs you want to follow in one place.
    I also am following you through friend connect. Do you see me listed on the right side of your blog? :)
    Have fun,