Monday, January 25, 2010

NOTD - Paradise Found

This is the first of the "Hands Of Hope Collection" that I put on my nails...and the first BB Couture I have ever applied. I only applied one coat, and it was nearly opaque, so I just stopped right there! I am loving this formula - so smooth and this color is almost "mannequin" hand-like.
I noticed the photo on the Overall Beauty website, seems a little peachy, but once it got here, it is a beautiful sandy color, hence the name "Paradise"....I can think of little more that walking along amazing sandy beaches and looking down at this color, or sitting in soft, warm sand letting it trickle through my fingers and toes.....(that's my "Calgon" moment for the day!)

End thought: this polish is as easy to apply as it is beautiful, and if I can do one small part to help Haiti in their time of need, it is worth EVERY last penny. Thank you Kim, for making this possible for us to help!


  1. That is a lovely color, and a great cause!

  2. @Trinca-Espinhas, I haven't heard of that brand?