Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Peachy! (and a little orange)

I decided to compare all the peach/orange/coral colors I have hauled in the past week. They are all China Glaze. (I didn't plan it that way, I just REALLY liked the colors) I also read that these peachy colors are going to be the "new pink", which is actually last year's "new black" ......along with blue, turquoise, lilac, purple, yellow, green, (both mint and kelly) much polish and only 10 nails is just not fair.

So, I'll start right here:

**Note: They have all been applied in two coats, there is no topcoat and this was taken in full sun. (We actually do have a sun!)

Thumb - Peachy Keen (from U&A - love them all)
Index - Jamaican Out
Middle - Vintage Crepe (out of stock like everywhere)
Ring - I Wann Lei Ya
Pinky - Thataway

I'm not sure why I had to have them all, but they are all just a little different. I Wanna Lei Ya and Thataway could have used a 3rd coat, but I wanted there to be some control in this unofficial comparison. They all spread evenly, just like all the China Glaze I own and I will be sporting these colors very soon.
I have noticed that I have become much more fond of the cremes. Maybe because there are so many good ones out there?!?

If you look at my "Follower" list - you will notice that I am ONE away from 50! I never thought I would get this far! You are all so awesome and inspiring! I just adore looking at all the blogs, seeing the Konadicures and manis, swatches and photos....It's just so cool! Thanks for following me, and hey, invite your friends! Let's have polished fun together!!!



  1. You make me really wish I could wear peach! :(
    They all look great on you!

  2. That is a beautiful color on you!

  3. They are all scrummy. I just got a new orange polish yesterday and am ordering another one today. I seem to be currently addicted to oranges and greens.....will be tracking down some of these ones, lovely

  4. Oh, Peachy keen is so lovely! I love Up&Away collection <3