Monday, May 23, 2011

Nails for a Cause.

My son's little school (I mean little - pre-K through 8th grade and 160 students!!!) had a mini Relay for Life last Friday. We were unable to attend because Roo was home sick, but I did my nails for the occasion, anyway. I was also supposed to be there to help, but you know, sometimes life has different plans.

This is S-he 301 - a beautiful light pink/purple/shimmer/'s one of my favorites for using as a base for a French mani....I tipped with Rimmel white and dotted with Golden Rose. I used plate m63 for the light overall design with Konad special Grey and the ribbon is from D08. The ribbon is stamped using Konad special Violet.

Carry on, Cancer survivors! We are all fighting with you!

Be Pawlished!



  1. this is so nice. i love e ribbon so much =)

  2. Oh wow, where did you get the D08 plate from? I've been looking for a ribbon like that because I just can't paint for nuts!!!

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