Monday, April 7, 2008

THE best day....

Made it to the one year mark! Me and The Commish are celebrating a whole year of fun, laughs and plain old bliss. (well, despite the Mountaineer losses - ha ha ha).

BTW, I know how long it's been since the last blog. There have been a million things going on, not to mention the crocheting.....but THIS is my newest news!!!

Who knew love could be this blue! Yes, it's fast.

One year ago today, I had grand dreams of the most beautiful, warm, sunny outside Spring wedding.

Here's how the day started.

Here's how it ended.

But, we had the most wonderful day one gal could ask for, and the snow, hey, it's one nobody will forget!
I'm going to share a few of my favorite shots from the memorable event.
This is my Pop right before our entrance....

During the ceremony.

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