Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day Mani....UGH.

I did this last night...I don't really like it, but eh, thought I'd post it anyway....maybe someone out there will get some (albeit little) inspiration. Now, I don't hate Valentine's Day - it has been so much sweeter since I married the Commish - but my fraternal Grandmother died on V-Day when I was in Junior just gives me a little pit in my stomach....

Anyway, on to the sunnier, happier, heart-filled, pinkish, reddish, so-so konadicure: (You know I am laughing right now!) :B

1. DC Super Base
2. DC Sugar Coat Me (two coats)
3. DC Super Dry (before stamping)
4. M73 stamped with OPI Pearl Of Wisdom, and then again with OPI Thanks So Muchness
5. M59 stamped with OPI TSM....on ring and thumb (oops, forgot to photograph thumbkin)
6. Seche (two coats)

I am absolutely loving the Diamond Cosmetics line....the 1st coat is usually a little streaky, but the 2nd coat literally melts in to it and causes this beautiful, creamy delight! These polishes are very thick, and also stamp well because of it! Can't wait to get my hands on more of these little beauts!

For all of you who have had "shrinkage" (gosh, I can't say that word without thinking of a certain Seinfeld episode!!!!!!!) problems with Seche, well, this is my first wonk! WTH???? Did I not wait long enough to apply? Did I wait too long? Did I not get close enough to the cuticle?

The world may never know............

Luckily, this was the only nail affected and I have already done away with this favor of an "Olympic" theme....then on to "Chinese New Year"....just thinking out loud again.

Wait! Here is a scandalous pic for you......

ahhhhhhh! NAKED NAILS!

Look how sad they are....a snowy day, water droplets on the sliding glass door, just like little tears! (yeah, I'm laughing again....)

Have a GREAT day.

Be Polished!



  1. I like it! And your nails look really good bare, far better than mine!

  2. lol..naked nails!!
    I love the stamping color and
    I do like your mani!, super cute design, I ordered that plate last week ^_^

  3. they look so pretty !!! Love the new stamps

  4. I love it. Very delicate and pretty.
    Why two coats of SV? Just wondering! :)

  5. Thanks, everybody!

    @Susie - I'm not sure why i use 2 coats....maybe just out of habit ?!? (With the price of this stuff, I should probably just use one!) LOL!