Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Olympics

Winter here is crazy ~ just like DC, Baltimore, and Philly, we are getting hammered with snow....OK, OK, I know we do live in the mountains, but we are not usually this crippled when it comes to the powdery stuff. (Too bad they aren't getting this in Vancouver.....I probably won't watch much of the Olympics, but I really do like Curling and Downhill.)

So here is my very labor-intensive Olympic-style mani:

1. DC Super Base
2. CG Platinum Pearl - 2 coats
3. SH Extreme Wear - White On - 2 coats (on thumbs)
4. DC Super Dry before stamping

Pointer finger ~ I wanted to represent the 3 medals; Gold, Silver and Bronze...this year they will be hung from a blue ribbon, so I free-handed with Art/Deco Blue Glitter over a layer of CG Glacier. The Medals are from Art Club, "Pretty Shiny Things" kit, which I ordered here.

Middle and Ring fingers ~ I just stamped snowflakes like crazy from the following plates:
m59, m69, m70, m5 and m 20. I used CG Bermuda Breakaway, SH Insta-Dri Blazin' Blue, Konad Special Blue, SH Salon Pedal to the Metal and SH White On.....layered and layered.
On the ring finger, I added some CG Glacier.

Pinky ~ I wanted to represent the Olympic torch and flame. One layer of CG Glacier; I used Konad Red and Yellow and m63 close to the tip, and the same colors with plate GCOCL A01
(little accents from poinsettia flowers that kinda' looked like flames.)

Thumbs ~ SH Extreme in White On....On left, Olympic Rings are stamped using m18 (the letter "O") using Konad Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and Green....the little snowflakes are from plates m5 and m70, stamped with SH Salon Pedal to the Medal. (I did this nail 3 times...that blue ring just didn't want to go where I had planned, so I left it...Oh, get the idea!)
On right, I used m14 (minus the U.S.A.....would not pick up!) using Konad Red and Blue, the same plates and polish as above.

WHEW!!! That was probably the toughest mani I have ever done.....I really would love to get some sunlight pictures, but, you know......snow.

Hope you enjoy!

Be Polished.



  1. WOW! That is awesome. You are so patient and so talented and so creative. :)

  2. I'm blown away! that's fantastic work!!

  3. That is simply fantastic! Great use of the Konad alphabet plate, I would never have guessed!

  4. Super cute!! I love the thumb design!

  5. This a gold medal mani for sure! You nails turned out fantastically!

  6. Thanks to each and every one of have made my day!

  7. This is so cute! and so creative! I can never understand how all of you see the "bigger picture" when it comes to konading.. I see one image that I like and thats all I stamp on my nail, I'm not too creative at all with putting together a cute nail with different images from different plates! lol

  8. Ohhh this is so pretty and special ! You are so creative and talented - great job :-)))

  9. Looks great! You are so resourceful... I like how you used the "O" for the rings in the Olympic symbol :) I have trouble picking up small designs from the Konad plates, too! All the time! It is so frustrating.

  10. These are great!!! love the rings, lol i had to freehand mine ;)

    great job!!

  11. I'm not sure I could do that! I'm a stamping fool, my free-hand consists of lines, tips, stripes and dots! LOL!

    You Pac-Man was AWESOME!!!!!

  12. This is so GREAT!!! I am so excited about the Olympics and your mani totally embodies everything Olympiad :) Very, very nice!!

  13. aww thanks thanks! pacman was rad but it took FOREVER to dry 4 hours, no joke.

  14. OMG I think we have the same brain!!! I was totally thinking of doing the Olympic rings like that too for the mani if I did it. I didn't want to try on the toes... it seemed to intensive and hard! But the star on white! Its the same thing!! Are we long lost twins?!

  15. @Lacquer Laine - it is quite possible! The rings were a pain....can't imagine doing them on my toes! Too much bending over! LOL


  16. Great mani!