Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crazy GAME DAY nails, SEARS and Giveaways!

A little bit of randomness coming your way compliments of a few blogs I frequent, SEARS and WVU BBall....(and a little leftover V-Day and past NsOTD). Ah, where to begin:

1. Yesterday was WVU BBall game against Seton Hall....Here are my Crazy GAME DAY nails!

Maybe not as crazy as some, but I didn't have a lot of time the night before to get them done.

1. DC Super base
2. 2 Coats of Milani Holo 3D (wish there would have been more sun for this photo)
3. Coat of DC Super Dry before art....I wasn't sure if I was going to use Konad.
4. SH Insta-Dri, Blazing Blue for the angled tips and dots - I used a dotting tool.
5. Coat Seche.

Next is a teeny-weeny little rant. Check the pics:

Oh, now what could be wrong with these two pictures of great mail-haul polishes? OK, first of all, I ordered 3 Milanis - the blue never showed up (they sent an email apologizing) and for my trouble, they waived the shipping on this order. (so far, so good, eh?!?)....The issue is that this order came in two separate shipments - in TWO separate size 20 boxes; that's big enough for a bed pillow........AND - the two Milanis were not even wrapped, protected OR boxed. So, when I got them they were rattling around loose in that HUGE box along with the packing slip.......that was a broken bottle waiting to happen. Luckily they were safe, but shame on you, SEARS....what a waste of postage and boxes.
(I also would like to apologize for the dead ladybugs in the background of those photos.....)

Here are a couple of old NOTD to help you relax from the above story! LOL!

What I really wore on Valentines Day. Pink and Vampy....I only bought this polish for the name - The Commish often calls me his "Trophy Wife". I tipped in Art/Deco, and man was it shiny - almost as much as Liquid Leather!

Diamond Cosmetics Midnight Passion and some fauxnad....tipped with Art Club Steele and added little silver dittys, also Art Club. This one lasted all of about 12 hours - I had to get ready for the game.

And for a Giveaway roundup!

1. Lacquerized is having an awesome H&M giveaway celebrating 250 !!!!
2. Nooberellas is having a giveaway for reaching 100!!!
3. Rock 'n' Nails is having the coolest giveaway-swap thing......very cool!
4. Makeup by Celly is also giving away some cool stuff - be creative!
5. Concrete and Nail Polish is giving in honor of their followers!

There are a ton of giveaways right now - I'll edit as I stumble upon them....

Be Polished!



  1. [sarcastic]Wow, that's what I call some professional service![/sarcatic]

  2. Wow, I am glad the bottles didn't break!

  3. Stupid boxes. LOL.
    Love the Midnight Passion mani. :)

  4. That's how they shipped those???? what a huge waste!!! I hope you were at least able to recycle those massive boxes. Last time I ordered from sears they canceled part of my order too. Great mani though!!

  5. I can't believe they shipped those like that!

  6. @Brooke - we live out in the country, and there is no recycle available, BUT, the Commish is an Engineer and he is going to use both of them to ship sets of plans.....but really, what a waste!

    Thanks for all your comments, everybody!