Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on NYX

Well, my last mani, aptly named the "Moonie", was not cooperating after hours of dry time....we stayed up last night and watched "Guys and Dolls" from 1955 *uhhhhh, Brando and Sinatra hotness* and it wasn't over until after midnight.

Can you believe when I woke up this morning, there were sheet marks on my nails.....12 HOURS LATER!!!!!

Ah, but sweet redemption was upon me - before going to the game, I added a coat of Seche, and viola; the bumps, the dents, the 600 count sheet marks, the EVERYTHING was gone. Not a bump, lump or cotton ball remnant in sight, and the shine on this was freaking awesome. I got many compliments while at the Coliseum....

Just wanted everybody to know.

Be Polished!


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  1. I remember getting sheet marks on my nails a few years ago. I think it was during the summer when my nail polish got all gooey and wouldn't dry right. Glad the top coat fixed it! :D