Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Nope not "that Prince"...I mean PRINCE, or that symbol.

Yeah that thing. I love it's 1999. I secretly always wanted to be Sheila E. But, no.

So what does this have to do with nail polish???? LOOK!

Remember for Lent, I gave up buying new polishes and vowed to only wear "swap" polishes? This is one of those polishes.....I love this color! I got it in one of 2 swaps from the amazing Carli over at Konad-licious. (who, btw, is celebrating 2000 followers!! way to go!) I have to tell you that I contacted Carli about doing a swap and she had not done one before. She sent so many beautiful polishes and earrings.

This little beaut is Sportsgirl NAIL IT in Raspberry Beret. The formula was great and this is one coat topped with Seche!
I really wish it was a pretty day here in the mountains, but it is grey and rainy. I have beautiful nails, though - thanks to beautiful Carli!

And of course, here is Gigi on my lap while I blog, er, uh, work....

~Be Pawlished!



  1. awwwwwwwwww! cute puppy and zomg LOVE that polish!!!!!!! love love love! The name makes it even better too. I looooooooooooove prince

  2. I saw the words "PRINCE" in the post title and I couldn't click fast enough..LOL...I love him too!!

    Gigi is a close 2nd ..LOL, she is so cute! That color is awesome! and the name, well we both know it's all about the name..LOL :);)

  3. I love Prince too! You just reminded me that I have dig out my CD and put in my car...

  4. Hey Tiff, That color looks awesome on you....makes me wanna go back out and buy it! LMK if you want anymore!

  5. Awww! Both of your mani's look great. ;)