Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going Bananas

One of my favorite Woody Allen movies...........(that beard alone makes me laugh!)

My Roo boy after eating 3 beignets at Cafe Du Monde in NOLA.......(that face, oh, that face!)

The latest swap with the wonderful LILY...............(I almost fainted as I opened it!)

BUT what I am "Going Bananas" for right now!!!
This polish is perfect for spring - and there is the slightest blue and pink shimmer in it....

Yesterday was cold (30 degrees and snow!) and I was FREEZING *shivers*. So what did I do? I put this yellow "sunshine in a bottle" on my tips and felt immediately better!

Can you see that shimmery awesomeness????

Thank you Lily, for another wonderful swap!! KISSES!!!!!!

~Be Polished!



  1. Wow! Amazing things Lily sent you.
    Your mani is so SUMMER-y!!! (^__^)

    Roo is an adorable boy. ♥

  2. love the beignet pics! totally drooling over that yellow. I cant wait til my lenten swap-ban is over. so much in the EU that I want right now

  3. p.s. woman where is your dang wishlist?

  4. Happy you like it !! Today i found other baby for you !!!

  5. *super excited* I have some more things for you....just got here too late to put in the last box... :(