Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I learned from 2010!

While this is the 2nd week of January, I still have people asking me "what was your New Year's Resolution"? Well, those of you know me know that I don't make them anymore. I have no problem with people who make them, but for me, they are just a reminder of how human I am.

Have you ever made a resolution and not followed through with commitment or (need I say) failed? How does that make you feel? I am guessing, terrible. So it is not only the fear of failure that we all share, but how it impacts our life, thoughts and daily goings on. I for one, do not wish to fail so I don't make unrealistic promises to myself.

Do I need to lose 20 lbs.? sure do.

Do I need to not buy books and not read them? sure thing.

Do I need to not buy SO MUCH nail polish? yeah, right.

These to me, are not the type of things we need to put upon ourselves as a NY Resolution.

What then?

Maybe to be more forgiving or understanding?
Promise to learn from others even if they have different views than you?
To be kinder to your close friends or family?
Be a better mom?

These are what I would call "resolutions" ~ of character. We can all drop a few lbs. or read more books....but what does that truly change? Maybe a dress size.... (not a bad thing), but that cannot change how others view you as a person or how you view your inner self.

So with this, I resolve to not make a resolution like everyone else. I reject the thought of failure. The inherent feeling of making a promise I most likely will not keep is banished from 2011!

This blog may take a few new steps this is not meant to offend or anger, but sometimes I like to put away my polish and paint ideas. TM of sorts.

And to my new, dear friends from the blog world, a great year to you....I love every one of you!

~Be Pawlished!