Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RBL and the Queen Part 1

(hi! from Gigi)

Take a look at Jane. Isn't she lovely?

However, once she is released from her glass entrapment, there is little to no shimmery goodness, which makes me sad.

This is the first RBL I ever applied and the process was pretty good. It was creamy, a bit like the American Apparel brand of polish.

I do believe that RBL has a GREAT idea with the "Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty" and I purchased all four of them. I have always been enamored with this period in history, so I had to spend the bucks ($18 each). Please don't be disappointed with me, RBL ~ but it was not as sparkle-riffic as her bottle showed.

I just wish Jane (Henry's favorite wife) would have been my favorite polish....Oh, I guess, OFF with this polish! LOL.

The Mani:
I will tell you that after the stamping and dotting, I liked it a little better.

BM plate with Special Polish in Black and dots for a french effect with CG "Millennium", and WnW Crystallic in "Heavy Metal".

~Be Pawlished!



  1. Yeah, I skipped this one...glad I did...not a big fan of nudes, even if they have shimmer that shows up! :) Pretty design when you were finished though.