Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Game Day in 3D

Game Day Nails 2011 Edition!

And a review....of the 3D molds....can I just say I LOVE THEM....more in a minute.

For starters, I used Color Club "Stuck on You" base-coat....can I say WOW! This is by far the best base I have ever reminds me of "Get Wet" by Cheeky Monkey (which I have used all of) - slightly sticky, VERY quick drying, and the staying power of an unwanted house guest.

2 coats of Milani "lemongello" (too funny) , Sally Hansen "Blue It" for the stripe and dots. The white dots are Orly "White Out" and of course, a dotting tool.

I have been reading about these 3D molds and really like the idea. I know, it's almost like cheating on nail art...I have tried to sculpt with acrylic many times but I don't like how (even on top of my several layers of polish) the acrylic always leaves a little spot on my natural nail where it adheres, even when I soak them off. These little molded letters and flowers are already dry when you apply them, so it is no different than rhinestones or stickers.

I used IBD acrylic in "Bright White" for the letters.

This little pink flower was made with colored acrylic powder. I think it's darling.

I used Seche to stick them on and top coated them with the same.


OK-I am back. LOL

I purchased these molds on for $11.20 each. They are a little pricey, but well worth it.

I will probably get a few more. BTW, I contacted this company (no bad press, please!) about a year ago to review their product...I never heard back from them, so I just went ahead and bought them myself to review. I am so glad I did!

~Be Pawlished!



  1. hi tiff nice Game Day Nails..
    * do you like some 3d acrylic molds?

  2. Love the doggie as always and the manicure. I need to get some of those molds.

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  4. What a fun and colorful manicure! And look at the doggy *melts of love*

  5. Aww cute mani, i love reading your blog- it puts a smile on my face...gigi rules! <3

    reading this may have convinced me to get some heart moulds...esp. with valentines day around the corner! =)))


  6. funny mani !!
    happy to see your post :)

  7. u'll receive more molds to come... weeeeeeeee

  8. OMG, that flower is so cute!! Planning to start learning molds. lol. looking forward to see more cute designs from you :)