Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Windmills, PLEASE!!!!

First of all - let me say that I don't want to promote any political views on my blog - under normal circumstances, Americans can't debate without being offended or leaving the table angry. With that being said, I DO want to promote WINDMILLS!!!

I live in WV, just over the mountain from a set of these giant machines. They are quiet, elegant and in NO WAY take away from the landscape. We usually stop to gaze at them every time we cross that mountain.

If we could harness this wind power (same as we harnessed water and solar), we could dramatically reduce our dependence on oil by switching our focus from foreign oil to our own spoils of natural gas.

We do have the technology to run our vehicles on NG, and it is much cleaner and safer, and best of all WE HAVE IT!!!!!!!

But the opposition is more worried about bats and birds of prey than they are the citizens of the US. Check the arguments.....
Does that mean I don't feel strongly about the environment???? NO WAY - BUT, we have got to make some sacrifices to save ourselves. This is where Americans are divided.......we would rather save the world than save our America. Have you ever heard the phrase "take care of things at home, first"? Why can't we live by our own rules? Are we worried about what the rest of the world will think? Who cares, we need to help ourselves.

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