Thursday, July 10, 2008

More on the Rod

Just a few of my fave quotes....and a few explanations

"have agreed to pay a $4 million buyout and settle a lawsuit that WVU filed after he broke his contract in December." (signature=contract)

"To help Rich focus on the challenges ahead" (LOTS of U-M losses)

"Rodriguez quit the Mountaineers" (what a coward)

"WVU also recently got an Ohio court to issue a subpoena for testimony and records from Mike Wilcox, Rodriguez's financial adviser." (afraid???????)

"The $4 million liquidated damages clause was suggested by an attorney on the WVU Board of Governors in December 2006, after Rodriguez turned down an offer from Alabama." (but he did visit....already turning his back!)

"He resigned Dec. 16, taking recruits and assistant coaches with him, and leaving the Mountaineers just before the Fiesta Bowl" (yellow)


" Bill Stewart replaced Rodriguez after a 48-28 victory over the Sooners."

the third one???? We didn't even need you, Rod.

On a lighter note, I have the whole gamut of photo sittings today.

1-year old twins

Engagement photos

Babe Ruth Baseball...... 16 & 17 year-olds

The Roo has also been going to Vacation Bible School this week. This years' theme is "Power Lab" - meaning they are making all kinds of goopy, slimy, well, just plain icky crafts. But, he's a boy and LOVES it!! (I have to admit the music is much better than last year's "Avalanche Ranch". ) They will finish on Friday with a pool party and a program Sunday morning.

Yeaterday we spent an hour putting together a LEGO Spongebob kit. It is called "Rocket Ride", featuring Sandy's spaceship, ATV and elevator "thingy". Needless to say, after about an hour, it was destroyed.....all the parts are spread all over the place, and Roo is putting together all sorts of mis-matched, unrecognizable "things".

It used to look like this:

I also got an email from a friend of mine about "Cocoa Mulch"....I don't know what it's all about, but it's supposed to keep cats from doing their "business" in your flower beds. Instead it's killing dogs. It's been researched here:

I don't have a dog anymore, :( but, thought it might be worth mentioning.

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