Monday, July 14, 2008

Fox News makes it Funny.

I don't care who you are voting for, this is funny!

We've already been "scolded" for making fun of his ears, and actually ENJOYING the candid interview with his family! What now? This is what's now, and I laughed my arse off!

As for that Access Hollywood interview, I thought they were a charming every-day family. The little one, Sasha, wanted ice cream and the older one, Malia, didn't want to be embarrassed by "DAD", and is excited about possibly getting to decorate her own room in the White House!
(That DOESN'T mean I'll vote for them!)

How much more American can one family get?

The candidates want to be seen as "real-life", "down to earth", "true-blue", but can't get the humor that keep we mere underling voters sane. I think it's worth watching how McCain and Obama deal with the jabs they both receive.

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