Tuesday, September 7, 2010


(THIS is why I love living in the country - my daily route home)

From days gone by ~ a spam extravaganza. I am not going to apologize any more for being a suck blogger. Life is what it is right now (not all bad, don't worry), but here are a few colored palettes for your viewing pleasure:a rainy day marble - my first, and rather successful attempt at water marbling.

Pool party nails - a "Welcome Home" from Iraq shindig. Metallic silver with BM swirls in black - one little aqua rhinestone on each nail (reminded me of water ripples in the pool at night)

I really didn't love this, although separately, I love the polish, the striper, and the fimo.

Purple and gold - worn for a Lakers BBall game during the playoffs - sun for LA and a gold rhinestone.
Tone on tone with holo.

Pale "baby pink" with some dots and one foil nail. This foil was surprisingly easy to apply.
Softball nails. Our summer league team the "Bossy Babes" were turquoise and white - and of course, there had to be glitter. It was a twin. :)

One more pic of the water marble thing just because I really liked it.

So, for now, dear readers.

Be Polished!



  1. I just LOVE your watermarble and softball manicures. <3

  2. The pool party nails are a-maaaa-zing!

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  4. love them all..
    esp. the foil and water marble.. =)

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