Monday, September 27, 2010

The First Sponge.

Is old news, but I have to tell you, this is one of my most favorite NsOTD ever.... I didn't want to ever take it off....

(blogger - wth...why is this photo rotated???)

1. 2 Coats SH Insta-Dri in "Petal Pusher"
2. Sponged at the tips with Orly "Lemonade", "Snowcone" and "Pixy Stix"
3. Top coat with CG "Fairy Dusst"
4. Little pink metallic heart - from who knows where.... LOL
5. Seche

So, there's another oldie, but goodie....I am going to sport this look again when and if my nails ever grow out again.

Be Polished!



  1. Very feminine!
    I have to try the sponge technique one of this days ;).

  2. ooh! what a pretty sponge mani! love the colors :)

  3. Thank you is so easy, I couldn't believe how it came out.


  4. This is really cute! :)