Monday, March 3, 2008

I made it....

to the massive world of blogging - more than just, well, just. I am now going to share my innermost thoughts with millions - comforting, I know. HA.

I am so addicted to music and yarn/crocheting. I have more yarn than any one person should, but I could think of much worse things.

This is my boy - to be called "the roo"

This is the love of my earthly life - to be called "commissioner".

The roo is in Kindergarten, and along with that comes all the joys of being 6 - snot, sneezing, green clothespins....(used to reward good behavior in class - heaven forbid that you receive a yellow, red, or the cursed BLACK....). His life revolves around what color the plastic indicator is - every day when I pick him up, he immediately gives me the scoop on the status of his "pins".

And, what was for lunch. Ask him what he did in school; "nothing" is the norm. Now, that can't actually be true - nothing????? Well, guess there is always the clothespin.

I get a kick out of what importance is given to dollar store plastic creations. AHHH to have such little to worry over. Thanks for letting me in on your little secret, roo.....

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. It was a very special day! I know you will have many happy years together.