Monday, March 10, 2008

Coach is Love

Let me preface this by saying I love everything that is Coach - and these boots are no different. The Commish bought me these in Pittsburgh before Christmas (that's the way we shop for each other these days.....Like it? Merry Christmas). So I have been wearing them for a few months now (never in bad weather ha ha ha), and I thought to myself - "self, those boots need a friend" - so, here is it. A beautiful scarf to wear. Boots are happy -

Not to mention, it was a blast going to AC Moore looking for the colors to match. The gal at the checkout looked at me like I was crazy. Just a touch. But, it was my first attempt at Tunisian/Afghan stitch. I should have taken pictures of the couch during the WIP, because it was a haven for mismatched colors and bits of yarn galore. I changed colors every three rows, and it bacame quite comical as it began to take on a life of its own. It took me a lot more time than I expected - EVERYTHING always does, but my effort paid off, I think.....

Now, where to put all the left over Vanna and Red Heart. A friend of mine asked once: "Are you going to do something with all that yarn, or are you just decorating with it?" Trivial.

So, this clothespin saga continues. I was informed by the roo that last week everyone lost their green pin and got a yellow one. Behold! The bearer of the yellow clothespin. Luckily, they were all returned in great shape, and none were harmed in the making of this face:


  1. Tammy Compton-VavrickMarch 16, 2008 at 9:59 AM

    I am so impressed with the scarf! It matches wonderfully. I am sure it looks great when worn with the Boots on nice warm day :) I wouldn't risk messing them up either!

    Tammy (from Moe's)

  2. From one Coach Addict to another (I love everything Coach, too.). What a great companion you made for those favorite boots, it matches quite nicely.