Friday, April 1, 2011

Lintu Nakit

I am always looking for different jewelry and artisan pieces, at that...well, I have found my new favorite artist!

If you haven't seen this jewelry yet, you are missing out - seriously! This is so unique! I ordered a pair of earrings and can't wait to choose a necklace, too....

On facebook, Lintu Nakit has more creations...go visit!

These are the earrings I ordered - contacted Lintu on facebook, paid via paypal and viola! They arrived in about 8 days....I love them! Thank you!

They are little squares of glass and between that glass, little birds and a tulip - Genius!

(sorry I couldn't find a better model yuck - BUT - I am wearing my red today!)

~Be Pawlished!



  1. yay super cute! ♥ ur pic! ☻

  2. thanks, hon!

    ~it was after a long day~ serious workout and a newborn baby's photo shoot here at my studio....tired...blah.


  3. I like her jewelry too! But for now only by looking her pics on Facebook... ;)

    You picked very nice pair and it looks good on you!

  4. That's how I found her, too! Well, from your page...I was amazed at these little works of art in glass! Beautiful!

    I have another set's the pink/orange/brown circle trees....she also just made me a necklace to go with it! (She tagged me on facebook),

    You don't have any from her? Would you like something ;)


  5. I just can't decide which pair of earrings I should get *lol* There are all so beautiful...

    I have already ordered some other jewelry - also from girls I found on FB. If you go through my list of pages I like, you will find many also very talented girls :)