Friday, July 30, 2010

FINALLY! My first Swap

This is the beginning of my many posts about "the swap"....I have so many to compliment and thank - and some from many months ago! Here is my very first, real live swappy thingy...and it was with Rebecca from Nails Etc. Her blog is so fresh and honest - I love the style of her writing....As I read her posts, I close my eyes and go to London with her... (not in a creepy, American sort of way, LOL)...London is one of my most favorite cities.

I really didn't know how much fun or how addictive this whole swap lifestyle would be, but man, am I having a blast!

So here are the photos of what she kindly sent "across the pond":

(this is the mass)

L to R: Boots ~ (Natural Collection) "Black Cherry", Bourjois ~ "So Lacque - Bleu Violet",
Miss Sporty ~"Clubbing Colors" (I think) and Sleek ~ (Nailed Polish) "Poison Ivy".

Beauty UK ~ "Electric Purple" and "Lilac Girl"

Barry M ~ (my firsts!!!) NP 210, Racing Green, Raspberry and NPP 1.

Boots 17 ~ "Orange Soda", "Pink Grapefruit" and "Peacock"

Collection 2000 ~ "Spangles", "Intense" and "Button Moon"

MUA ~ Green Metallic (no label) and "Shade 8"

I really didn't know what to expect - but I sent the lovely Rebecca an email asking about the Beauty UK polishes she had reviewed on her blog - I offered to swap with her, and this is what I was surprised with! My swaps are many and my treasures great, but I have had the most fun getting "to know" the bloggers from these are all so kind and generous. From one little American gal, thanks.

~Be Polished!



  1. I know, right???? This swap was back in May (better late than never?) and I was just blown away.


  2. Great swap!!!

  3. Nice swap. Never had a swap but I guess it's something I should give a try.
    And hey, that Spangles-polish looks quite nice.

  4. Nice swappp!! I love doing swaps, it's so exciting and a great way to get rid of something I have for I something I want ^^

  5. I would love to do a swap sometime!

  6. I love swaps!I get to see products from different countries and different bloggers tastes.
    Rebecca's blog is really good as well! :)

  7. So many pretties! I'd love to see more of that insanely bright Collection 2000 colour :D

  8. I believe "Clubbing Colors" is the name of the latest Miss Sporty collection, they don't name their polish.

    Some of the bottles make me want to give up the no-buy I'm on :D

  9. Incredible swap. I look forward to seeing your swatches. :)

  10. great swaps!! i love swapping too..the experience is priceless!!

  11. Rebecca is super sweet I love her blog s well! Congrats on the excellent swap :)

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    I'm a follower now!

    Maybe you can check my blog out as well and become a follower?

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  14. Great swap. I am doing a swap with someone from the UK so this post has helped me decide on some things I would like to swap for...thanks.
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