Friday, May 21, 2010

No Nails today....some work. PIC SPAM!

Here is what has kept me so busy lately....well, and the vacation, and baseball games, and senior pictures, and, well, you get the picture. Not a cop-out, but I am so far behind in the post game, that I wanted you all to see my other passion. I'll get to the nail thing shortly. I have some of the BESTEST swap packages to show you and the BESTEST swap gals EVER! (Rebecca, Biba, PK, Lyra, Lily, Sawan, Susie) - you girls RAWK - and I promise, you will all get a post.)

XXXOOO MUWAH! *sending international Marilyn kisses*

This is baby Tristen and his family.
He was one month old when he came to my studio.

Baby Lucas was born 2 months early.
When he came to my studio, he had been home for about a week...

Well, there are a few more, but I think this might be enough spam for right now...and, cuteness!

Be Polished!



  1. These are beautiful. You don't just "take pictures" you capture moments. Love your style.

  2. the baby looks adorable and super cute.. thanks for sharing the pix..

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth, got to that before I could! I really try to do that - and get the photos I wish I would have had of my little one.
    Too many cookie cutter, mass market photos out there...and for what they are charging? SHEESH!

  4. Babies!!! The one thing I love more than nail polish?? BABIES!! Excellent compostition. The bottom picture is my favorite. I can almost smell the baby smell. :) These families are very lucky to have these precious memories captured on film (err.. or is it memory cards??) :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. AMAZING photography. I love pictures of babies!! =D They're so cute and innocent and just all around fun to be around =]

  6. Thanks, everyone! I think babies have become my favorite subjects....

  7. So precious!Simply breath taking!

  8. Aww babies! I love sweet pictures like this :D